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2010/11/8 18:58:10
Staundoone Episode ! Dreeko wrote:
Glad so many of you liked it!

As for the laughter see below.....



Good one! LOL
2010/11/1 23:28:43
Should I bother? Hermit wrote:
I'd like to see it too, because it sounds amazing by the way he's being possessive of it!EEK!

20% is a good starting point for what is being given, and pyrrho has said that this is negotiable and could be on a sliding scale over time, and he's said that he's looking to clarify it to avoid any future confusion

If you had to employ modellers, texturers, animators, light riggers, bone riggers, scene riggers (yep, there are are myriad of specific disciplines in 3D production these days) it would burn a hole in even the most substantial bank balance, and that's not including the price of the software and hardware needed. Yes, you could use Moviestorm or iClone, although I find them to be a little too above their station, if you see what I mean. They're good for producing videogame graphic style animations, but they're not professional enough to produce decent animations. Muvizu may be in the same league as them, but what I think they've cleverly done is create the cartoon style in their models and animation sets to get around this, so in it's own way it encourages you to produce something comedic - which I think is good. I could probably do that myself with Blender, Animation Master, C4D, or Max (although I haven't used Max in years) but that would take ages. Muvizu is a convenient shortcut that gets ideas down quickly. So 20% is quite fair.

If you wanted to produce something more professional, then you could use and old copy of Poser, along with an old copy of Bryce and Daz Studio (which all should be available free from somewhere - usually on the coverdiscs of 3D World or 3D Artist) But then, they still require alot of work to be done, and those apps can be resource hungry - especially in rendering!

Which reminds me, Renderman is a renderer, used with various 3D apps. It's not a standalone 3D modelling and animation app. And don't worry about pyrrho's tone. I quickly understood it. He's got some good comebacks, which I can appreciate even if no-one else does LOL!

Well said.
2010/11/1 21:24:21
Should I bother? Do you have an example or a "sneak preview" of your Muvizu project? I would like to see it and I'm sure there are other people that would like to see it as well.
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2010/11/1 16:45:35
Break Up Lines Animated - Will You Help? You have a very interesting idea. I'd be willing to lend a hand if needed.
2010/10/31 19:07:59
Ghost house episode 2 Very very creative. Keep up the good work. Great stuff!
2010/10/28 16:51:02
God and the Devil- Final Showdown That was great! I'm looking forward to seeing more!
2010/10/26 19:24:14
My prize arrived! Hermit wrote:

As soon as the base unit arrived this morning, I decided to give myself a one day holiday just to mess about with it. This rig is exactly what I needed - A proper workstation that can do it's job And if mysto's reading this, yours is similar and just wait until you get it - It's a monster! LOL

I am most contented

*cough" shame there was no monitor with it, though *cough*

What? Quiet

I have a monitor sitting here waiting for my monster to arrive. Congratulations Hermit! Enjoy your holiday! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work.
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2010/10/23 19:27:29
How do I make a goup of characters move I'm working on a few things where I would like the characters to walk at the same pace. I have had some success but it does take a bit of "trial and error" and a lot of "fiddling" with the characters.
2010/10/23 19:15:59
General protection fault! I've had the same problems with a few of my sets too. Very strange.
2010/10/19 16:21:49
Any news on the raindance competition toonarama, I noticed that after I posted. I was hoping that no one else would notice but it seems that Muvizuer's are very quick to pick up on these things. LOL.

My Grandfather used to tell me that farting was a perfectly human function it's just that some people are more human than others.

Buuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp..... YES!
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2010/10/19 0:46:38
Ghost house: Episode 1 What a great clip! Very high quality! A great example of what can be done with Muvizu. I too look forward to seeing more of your work.
2010/10/19 0:34:56
Any news on the raindance competition Glad I'm not alone. The suspense has been killing me as well.
2010/10/14 17:14:06
Staundoone Uncovered Yes, the new update should make an already good box of tools even better! I'm looking forward to putting them to good use!
2010/10/12 17:55:12
Staundoone Uncovered I really like the idea of an on going series. You did a great job there! I am highly impressed with your work. I look forward to seeing more.

Your work inspires me to come up with an ongoing series myself. I have a few ideas floating around in my head that need to be worked on. For my personal style of humor and animation Muvizu seems to be the perfect tool for expressing ones creative thoughts quickly and efficiently.
2010/10/12 17:41:54
Favourite ever cartoon? The Flintstones...

Yogi Bear...

Daffy Duck...

Sylvester the cat and Tweety bird...

Marvin the Martian...

Bugs Bunny...

The list goes on and on...
2010/10/12 16:49:47
Favourite ever cartoon? I have to agree with artpen, W.E. Coyote has got to be one of my all time favs. When the camera looked over the edge of the cliff and you could see him falling that tiny puff of smoke and the "wap" sound when he hit always cracked me up and still does.

I have a LOT of "favs" but W.E.Coyote is up at the top of the list.
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2010/10/7 20:08:31
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? Just look at Elmer Fudd... how could he hunt wabbits without his shotgun? I agree, this is not about morality, it's about entertainment and to me that is what animation is all about. Everyone should have the creative freedom to create whatever they want however they see fit. Myself, if I don't like or agree with something that someone else created I just don't watch it. Problem solved for me anyway.

I'm sure that there are a few people that don't appreciate or like my little "fart" animations and that's fine with me however, there do seem to be some folks that see the humor in them like I do. While I may not like or agree with something that someone else has created I'll defend their right to to create it. After all, to me that's what freedom is all about.

(stepping off soapbox)
2010/10/7 18:44:32
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? I'm impressed with the library of movements that is already included with Muvizu but there is always room for more. I too would like more control over the more subtle movements such as being able to control the arms, hands, legs and facial features and hopefully these things will be addressed in future releases of the software. In the mean time I am having a great time using the features that are already available. I am finding that with a bit of "trial and error" and a little creativity you can do quite a lot with the characters right now. I have a feeling that this is only the beginning for the software and we may all be surprised at what the Muvizu team has in store for us in the future.

I have been a student and creator of cartoons and animation in various forms for about 30 years now. I've done traditional cell animation (VERY labor intensive), cutout animation, stop motion animation, claymation and just about everything in between. I even drew comic strips for newspapers back in the 80's. I have a fairly large library of books about the subject but my favorite book is Disney Animation the illusion of life by Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas. That book is a whole college course on animation and I highly recommend it to anyone serious about animation.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand.

Team Muvizu are doing a great job. They seem to listen to their users and their wants. They have an amazing piece of software that will only get better and better. Like the rest of you, I have my "wish list" of features I'd like to see and hopefully I'll see a few of those features in future releases. In the mean time I'll be trying to push what we have now to the limits.
2010/10/5 18:24:45
Let's hear it for the Muvizu team HAIL HAIL MUVIZU!

I too have been using Muvizu for only a few months but I am enjoying it more and more. I'm looking forward to seeing this software grow and expand. I'll be using it for a long time!. The Muvizu team is truly a great group of people. Keep up the good work!
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2010/10/5 17:06:58
Animatable objects-props Are there things that I would like to see added? of course. Are there things that could be improved upon? Of course. I realize that you are a small team of individuals probably working insane hours trying to get Muvizu the way you and everyone else would like to see it and I for one appreciate all of your efforts.

Having done a bit of program coding myself, I know how difficult it can be to get a piece of software to act or do what you want it to. It is a VERY labor intensive task. Personally, I think you guys are doing a fantastic job!

I have been using Muvizu pretty extensively for a few months now and even with all that the program "doesn't have" I am still finding new things about it. There is no other 3d animation program that I am aware of that has all of the features that it does where you can see the results of a creative idea in such a short time and professional manner.

I know that "team Muvizu" probably has a whole bunch of cool stuff they are working on to add to the program in future releases and I am looking forward to "test driving" it when its available.

Keep up the good work!
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