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2010/9/30 10:14:35
Muvizu Should Become Commercial Software tripfreak wrote:
@Norrie & Dreeko,

Exactly my thoughts !

I also like Muvizu because it's different from other 3d programs.
I don't think it is necessary to implement every kind of feature like glow maps and other knick-knack to inspire people to be creative in 3D animation.

I bought iClone about 1.5 years ago, but what keeps me from publishing videos is on the one hand the harsh restrictions of the "GEMA" (Link - I can't even watch some of my own old videos), on the other the "pseudo-reality" of the characters ("uncanny valley effect") and finally the strong commercial aspect that lies behind the philosophy from iClone and before getting the required stuff.

That's why I like Muvizu for the cartoon style of the characters, for the simplicity of animation and for the generosity of the Muvizu company.

For sure, there's a lot missing in both animations (lay down...) and interaction (with objects..), but from version to version its getting better and better and I'm really looking forward to the next.

I totally agree.
2010/9/16 20:51:57
Vertigo Wow...
2010/8/31 20:57:14
Ooooooh! not quite there with the Dolly Zoom Than wrote:
I like the new camera animation, just finished scene 1 (after the intro) of my project using it. To use it properly it will take a bit of getting used to the keyboard controls of course, but once you've really mastered that it would be quick I should think.

What I'm going to ask to be added is a way of putting markers down and say camera move through those markers at speed x. Could realy do with that and the walking/running too would benefit.

Excellent idea!
2010/8/31 19:07:54
Ooooooh! not quite there with the Dolly Zoom I've been playing around with the new camera movements as well and I can see a lot of potential here. As you said, the dolly zoom is not quite right yet but it is still a major improvement. I can see many uses for this new feature. Great job!
2010/8/31 19:02:27
Don't think I'll make it... I managed to get my entry in by the earlier deadline. I felt a bit rushed but I work better under pressure anyway. Since the deadline has been extended until October I look forward to entering a few more animations. I really don't expect to win anything but I am having a great time thinking up new projects to work on.
2010/8/30 17:39:01
Codecs Yes that is the product, I assumed it would install codecs but I've been wrong before. Here are a few sites that I have bookmarked of where you may get some codecs. I hope these help you.

I hope you find something you need there.
2010/8/29 17:20:00
Codecs I've been using software from AVS4YOU with good results. The link is

You can use it for free or purchase it. I think it installs the needed codecs for you. Also, if you do purchase a program you actually get ALL of the software on their site with free updates. A pretty good deal if you ask me. Great software at a great price.
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2010/8/27 14:34:45
Intuitivity rating - high Gordon wrote:
Kaynine and Mysto - thank you for your positive feedback. It means a lot, seriously.

Mysto, your 'Fart in the Park' movie is one of my favourite things I've seen created with Muvizu so far That you managed to make that within hours of downloading the app is great news, and very encouraging.

Thanks again, and I'm looking forward to seeing more movies from you both soon.
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Gordon, thank you for your compliment. I'm glad that you enjoy what I created. I really did enjoy making it with Muvizu. I thought it was pretty funny but some of the folks over here where I am from seem to think my sense of humor is a bit "different". I kind of enjoy being different, it makes for some really funny animations.

You folks at Muvizu have really struck gold here. I'm telling everyone I know here in the states about how great your program is and I hope to produce many more "thought provoking" animations with it. Keep up the good work.
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2010/8/21 19:56:11
Muvizu thoughts?? Kaynine wrote:
A fascinating and fabulous piece of software which lets folks concentrate on storytelling and direction rather than upon the technicalities of modelling and rendering their characters, scenery, objects etc. Users clearly have their own preferences and dislikes, but that applies to all software - and pretty well everything lin life. Personally, I find the audio import system limiting and difficult, but many others seem to like it. Some shy away from the idea of working with a finite range of assigned movements, but when you consider the complexity of trying to animate everything yourself from scratch, I feel that the Muvizu solution is incredibly satisfying and is MUCH more versatile than you might expect. The decision to opt for cartoon-style animation rather than unrealistic human characters is a stroke of near genius and helps to make Muvizu pretty well unique in the field of 3d animation. In short - Muvizu offers users the chance to make fully professional-looking animations which can be as simple or complex as imagination allows. It is mostly very intuitive and knocks the majority of much-hyped machinima software into the long grass. First rate and getting better all the time. It's also worth mentioning the receptivity and responsiveness of the development team - they really do seem to listen to user's comments, compliments and gripes.

I very much agree.
2010/8/20 14:24:12
List of improvements I have a few suggestions for the program but most of them have already been addressed. I am finding that it's not really what the program has or does not have, it's how I can make best use of the capabilities at hand. Sure I'd like to see some improvements and with time I'm sure the Muvizu team will address many of them. In the mean time I'm having a ball working with Muvizu. I look forward to watching this program and community grow and expand.
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2010/8/20 12:02:40
"General protection Fault!" I've been getting the same error message lately. It seems to me that the more characters and objects I put into a set the more likely this error occurs. When I kept my sets fairly simple I had no problems but when I decided to make my sets more detailed this error pops up from time to time.

It is a bit frustrating but it's an issue that I'm sure is being looked in to. I still LOVE using Muvizu!

I am putting the finishing touches on my entry in the Muvizu prize competition at the Raindance Film Festival. I really don't have any expectations of winning anything but it sure is fun working on my project. If people enjoy watching what I create then that is the greatest reward I can get.
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2010/8/13 15:36:36
Intuitivity rating - high I agree with Kaynine. With just a minimal amount of effort one can be producing some very impressive animations. I made the animation I posted within 2 hours of downloading the program. I've been doing computer animation for over 20 years and have used many other programs but I have never been able to produce a final product in just a few hours of getting a program. I am truly impressed.

I too am looking forward to seeing your work Kaynine. If I was a bit closer to you I could help you with a better system. I have quite a collection of computer equipment that I do not use anymore that could use a new home. Maybe someday you and I could create an animation together. I like your imagination and style. My style tends to lean more towards silly and unusual humor but it suits me well. I think it would be fun to show folks what a couple of old fellows can come up with.

The Muvizu team has brought 3d animation to the masses without all of the headaches of having to take 6 months or more to learn the program. All one needs is an idea, a bit of an imagination and Muvizu to create a professional looking animation within minutes. Absolutely unheard of with other software. I look forward to being a part of the Muvizu community and hopefully contributing some good ideas and animations.

Keep up the good work!
2010/8/11 16:27:33
A simple Muvizu promo That's really cool what you did there. I may have to try my hand at a promo animation for Muvizu.
2010/8/10 18:40:15
Freeware? Shareware? Commercial? - What's the aim? I just happen to stumble upon Muvizu while browsing the web for animation programs. I'm really glad I found it as I am having a great time using it. It is helping me get some of my ideas created really quickly. A truly remarkable program that I plan on using for a long time.
2010/8/2 15:00:32
Muvizu thoughts?? I have been doing computer animation for about 20 years and I must say that this program is very impressive. It is fairly easy to understand and use and one can "get down to business" within a matter of minutes. I have been using the program for about a week now and am very impressed with the results thus far. There are enough options to keep ones imagination and talents working for a long time. I am looking forward to seeing this program grow and expand.

I've used just about every 2d and 3d animation package available and I plan on using Muvizo a lot. I hope this project continues to grow and expand.
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