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2013/3/25 18:11:56
Edit Environment sloped sky backgrounds? Thank you WozToons. Much appreciated. I'll certainly give that a try. I'll check out your work, as I'm sure that would be a great help too.

WozToons wrote:
Rocky, I noticed that you said the sky was distorted so here are the dimensions I use when creating graphics, you can get quite a good night sky if you make your image 4:1 ....

Custom Texture: 2048 x 2048 or 1024 x 1024
Decals: 512 x 512
Skydome: 2048 x 512 ..... 4:1

Backdrops Aspect Ratios:

Widescreen = 16:9 1280 x 720
Superwide = 20:9 1600 x 720
Curved = 2:1 1440 x 720
4:3 1920 x 1440

Hope this helps.
2013/3/25 17:53:19
Edit Environment sloped sky backgrounds? I gotta say, so far I've had some really good tips from you guys. I'm new to Muvizu, and I'd recommend it to anyone, including no shortage of support from a very helpful forum. I love watching the work others have done here too. Some really good and entertaining stuff. I graduated as a film maker, but haven't done animation before, so seeing the great work of others is a real inspiration. Thanx guys. Keep the fantastic helpful advice coming.
2013/3/24 18:31:56
Edit Environment sloped sky backgrounds? Thank you for such a quick response. I guess I'll have to do some experimenting
2013/3/24 17:51:27
Edit Environment sloped sky backgrounds? I wanted to create a `space' scene, but I'm only given a sky and and ground option and cannot chose one to cover the whole set. And when I do add a sky texture, it always comes from the back outwards, with stars laying flat. Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.
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