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2020/4/25 1:14:58
My 1st Video. What do you think????

2020/4/22 4:51:29
New Video With Simple Object and Key frame How did you create the young man charactor?

swakd wrote:
If you like Any of the object or promp usedin this video kindly message me Big Grin

2020/4/22 4:34:17
Trump Where can I get this?
It appears several of the store items are gone.

PatMarrNC wrote:
There is a set of the pre-primary election candidates here:

to the best of my knowledge, that's the only Trump character in the store
2020/4/22 4:32:15
Guy drinking Are there any tutorials on this?

DigiFactor wrote:
Well there isn't any action any action on drinking for the characters, you would have to use custom parts and animate them to simulate a character drinking using key-frame, here is a link to one of my videos, if you watch it you will see a few scenes with the characters drinking!

2020/4/17 10:49:53
Custom Charcters I have a couple of requests.
I need a custom beard created
And I also need custom hair style created.

I am also interested in some of your other products.
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