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2013/6/3 9:32:56
error while downloading muvizu Jamie wrote:
Hi aravindsuresh

This type of error means the file you've downloaded has broken during the download process, the best thing to do is delete it and download it again. Sometimes using a download manager can ensure integrity of downloads.

yeh.I know that. I tried downloading again but it stil keeps showing!
2013/5/24 8:35:27
error while downloading muvizu Lev_Dynamite wrote:
Could you give us some more info on the error that is occurring, EG share any error messages you are getting or describe what exactly is going wrong?

This is the error occuring:
NSIS Error.Common causes can be incomplete downloading and damaged media.Contact the downloader's author to obtain a new copy:
More Info at

I clicked the link and i tried all of the helps but it still keeps on showing
2013/5/24 8:28:58
error while downloading muvizu yes I did,

Dwarf wrote:
Did you choose the right version of Muvizu for your computer (32 or 64 bits) ?
2013/5/23 9:46:46
error while downloading muvizu Cursing
2013/5/23 9:45:32
error while downloading muvizu An error occus when I open muvizu setup. please help!

2013/5/4 8:43:40
Can we sit charecters in water,air,land vehicles? Can we do that somehow?
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