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2016/11/28 18:51:13
PC suggestions please Rodrisilva wrote:
LULU153 wrote:

Ok Lulu
I think it will be OK although AMD processors are not so exuberant as Intel ones.
Now it 's time to start doing more movies.
I'm looking forward to see your next video.

Many thanks Rodrisilva
2016/11/28 18:46:02
PC suggestions please Ha! No doubt with zillions of dull questions!
2016/11/28 11:40:36
PC suggestions please PatMarrNC wrote:
LULU153 wrote:
I'm setting Muvizu up now, on a computer not dissimilar to one I sold a few years ago... Hopefully it'll all run smoothly. Watch this space... or not!

Thanks for all your help everyone

aw, gee.. no thanks required! It's fun to spend other peoples' money! ;-)

We can't wait to see more LULU movies... (Welcome to the forum)

Thanks Pat!
2016/11/28 11:40:11
PC suggestions please I ended up with this pc, at £633.49. It seems to be fine and I don't expect to be producing any big productions. Having had another Pavilion a couple of years ago (and selling it at some loss!) as well as having an apple MacBook Air for everyday use, I couldn't justify spending much more on a pc.

My latest update (to my previous animation) is here - There's more to come!

Thanks Rodrisilva for your comments.
2016/11/26 23:37:21
changing voice Thank you Rodrisilva - I tried that one but had a problem with it, though right now can't remember what it was as I've tried a few!
2016/11/26 23:12:22
changing voice Thank you! That's very close to the one I used before - do you know of others as well please?

Thanks so much

Oh I found it, it's called Acapela in case anyone else is interested.
edited by LULU153 on 26/11/2016
2016/11/26 21:15:35
changing voice I've used some kind of voice changer before, years ago, where I recorded my voice and then could turn it into one sounding like the queen and another type of voice. I can't remember what the programme was so I'm wondering if anyone can recommend something similar please?

2016/11/26 15:56:09
PC suggestions please I'm setting Muvizu up now, on a computer not dissimilar to one I sold a few years ago... Hopefully it'll all run smoothly. Watch this space... or not!

Thanks for all your help everyone
2016/11/26 14:29:34
PC suggestions please Oh gosh thank you for that. Im actually in currys now about to hand over a load of dosh to someone whose gone through my printed out list of everyones suggestions.
Needing a double vodka 😨😊
2016/11/26 13:37:47
PC suggestions please MrDrWho13 wrote:
Ok so for a fast gaming-spec PC with the latest generation graphics, the lowest cost for the individual parts seems to be £740.
I'll look for pre-builts with the same specs, but most seem to be from the previous generation which would make the lifespan of the PC shorter.
If you want to go with Pat's advice, avoid anything with the letter m after the name of the graphics (EG: GTX950M) because they're built for laptops and are very under-powered.
edited by MrDrWho13 on 26/11/2016

Thanks again MrDrWho. My last pc that I had when I made my animation was a HP Pavilion I seem to remember and it worked fine, though rendering was a bit slow I guess. I shall take a shopping list of all of your suggestions to Currys and see what they will try and flog me!

Thank you
2016/11/26 13:36:15
PC suggestions please PatMarrNC wrote:
Muvizu is based on a Game engine, so a computer that was intended for gaming is going to be your best bet. Unfortunately, hard-core gamers are competitive and they know that having the best gear helps them to win... so as a business demographic, they are unique in their willingness to spend money for high-end capability. That drives up the price for the rest of us..

But if you search for the phrase "gaming computer" you will find some machines in the $400-$500 range that are capable of handling the requirements imposed by your sample video.

Regarding the practice of building a PC with components: That's the best way to get a computer made of all best-in-class components, but I don't think that's what you want.

Key things to look for:
  • at least 8 gigs of ram
  • an intel I5 or I7 CPU (I7 is better if you can find one on sale)
  • and something in the description that says either GTX or RADEON

Depending on your sons' ages, there's a high possibility that they have gaming computers they've outgrown (for gamers, "outgrown" means it's over 6 months old and is therefore not cutting edge any longer). If so, maybe they'd just give it to you, (or sell it for an amount you can both live with) .

Final thought is to find a computer store that is having sales and ask an employee to show you which computers are for gaming. Then, from that group see if any fit your budget.

Good luck shopping, and I hope to see you back on the forum soon posting more videos!

Thanks Pat. My kids are way beyond gaming and don't have anything suitable, but thanks for the suggestions and all advice too
2016/11/26 12:04:08
PC suggestions please Yikes, I don't want to spend that much but do appreciate your researching on my behalf! I did ask my sons but mysteriously they both seemed to have vanished off the earth....Whaaaaa?
2016/11/26 10:34:28
PC suggestions please PatMarrNC wrote:
LULU153 wrote:
Oh god, this is soooo not like being married!!!

and such is the way of little red devils.... ;-)

2016/11/26 10:34:09
PC suggestions please Aah bless you, thanks so much Mr Dr Who. That one is sitting in my Curry's basket - I'd better remove it
2016/11/26 0:08:47
PC suggestions please Is this suitable?

Hope that link works!
2016/11/25 21:08:25
PC suggestions please By which I mean my ex never encouraged me to spend money on anything! 😀
2016/11/25 20:59:56
PC suggestions please Oh god, this is soooo not like being married!!!
2016/11/25 20:44:09
PC suggestions please Thanks Pat
I'm not making massive animations - after I did the last one I vowed I'd never make another one again! It's here to show the kind of thing I want to make again, or update perhaps 2 years on.

Still, a little encouragement to buy another computer is always very tempting.....
2016/11/25 17:59:39
PC suggestions please Cripes, thanks Mr Dr Who!
Maybe I should think about getting parallels on my mac! Or some mac based animation software.... How I wish Muvizu ran on a mac

Thank you
2016/11/25 14:48:24
PC suggestions please Hello, I've not been here for a couple of years. I made a fabbo animation a couple of years ago and then sold my pc. I now only have a MacBook. I'd like to use Muvizu again so I have two questions - what pc laptop would you suggest I get? I know there are a list of requirements but if anyone could be more specific as to what pc would be good, I'd appreciate it.

And having paid for Muvizu last time round, if I download again onto another pc does my previous payment still count?

Thank you!
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