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2014/5/23 17:00:47
lip sync .... Sorry Ziggy, I meant that when my character says the words the first time, the lips aren't sync'd but when he says them again later, they are.
I'm just using the talk and no shush as in between his 2 sentences there's other stuff going on, music and another character's dialogue which also sometimes works and sometimes doesnt... is that any clearer?!
2014/5/23 12:44:03
lip sync .... I dont understand why sometimes lip sync works and sometimes it doesnt. Often Muvizu crashes when I'm trying to do that too. I have a character saying the same thing twice, both on different tracks with different names. Usuaslly one version of the lip syncing works and other doesnt. I'm using wav files imported via Any Video Converter. Help please!

2014/5/22 23:55:49
audio timing That's fine, no worries. I got there in the end - with your help. Thanks again
2014/5/22 23:26:30
audio timing Oh I've sorted it! Its moveable on the timeline where all the effects are showing, not just the audio timeline.


and thank you again
2014/5/22 23:24:33
audio timing Hmm, no, still the same problem. Its a wav file but I cant move it to the right place. So the audio is starting from the beginning where the camera isnt even on the character. I'm sure this is a simple thing but I cant figure it out.
2014/5/22 23:08:47
audio timing What do you mean 'change the audio file over'?

thank you
2014/5/22 22:58:38
audio timing Yes, of course, thank you. I was trying to do that with an mp3 file and I wasn't able to move it, but I just did it with a wav file and it would - no idea why. However I now don't have the option to do the lip sync. Sorry to be a pain
2014/5/22 22:46:25
audio timing Looking at the audio tutorial on here for adding dialogue, it gives the option to choose when to start the lip sync. I dont seem to have that option so the dialogue starts right at the beginning of the video...I need my character to start talking after some other action has been happening. What am I doing wrong please?

Thank you!
2014/5/14 18:39:36
A way around the 4 camera limit? You really are a genius. Thanks so much
2014/5/14 18:02:26
A way around the 4 camera limit? OK, another problem I cant figure out how to resolve!
I have an outdoor scene using one of the sets I've downloaded. I've used 3 cameras on this scene. Now I'm moving inside the set and need to have more than 1 camera available for the next scene (or ideally separate video) . Is there a way to import the scene again, but without the previous exterior footage (and then join the videos later)? If I try to import the interior scene, I get the whole timeline imported, which includes the exterior scene....

Hope that's clear!

and thank you
2014/5/14 14:36:22
Help! My characters are stuck on the roof! Oh look, my mild swear word was bleeped out!

Anyhow, I think you and I have had the age conversation before too...puppy dog eyes
2014/5/13 20:25:23
Help! My characters are stuck on the roof! Oh did he? ****, you've got a way better memory than me... you're probably very young and I'm very old; that's my excuse

Thanks again!
2014/5/13 18:07:32
Help! My characters are stuck on the roof! Oh Ms Lamb, you are a genius! Thank you so much Toast
2014/5/13 17:05:55
Help! My characters are stuck on the roof! I made a short introduction for a film and 2 of my characters walked through a door (well, technically behind the door) and they've landed on the roof! I need to have them in the room behind the door but can't bring them down as I seem to be unable to click on them. Any ideas please?!
2014/5/4 17:40:23
walking, not flying in the air... Thanks Ziggy. Something has suddenly worked, though I'm not sure what
2014/5/4 17:22:36
walking, not flying in the air... I'm trying to get my character walk a short distance but however I do it, she ends up jumping in the air mid way through the walk, before landing. I've tried using my mouse and using a wacom to point her in the right direction via the circle and arrows , and I've tried double clicking on the place I want her to walk to, but still she ends up leaping in the air. It would be very useful if I wanted to recreate The Snowman, but sadly I just want her to walk a straight line!

Help please!

2014/5/4 12:07:12
fatal error! Thank you. All ok for now
2014/5/3 16:59:55
fatal error! I dont understand why it's not working for me. It should be in my Muvizu Play\Binaries64\Muvizu.dll file, according to the fatal error. I cant - oh, its just opened! haha! Thank you. No idea why but thanks
2014/5/3 16:34:43
fatal error! This is the link

and all I get is a endless list full of 'Address = 0x... etc etc (filename not found) etc etc
(I wish it was easy to post images on here!)

Thanks urbanlamb
2014/5/3 15:47:03
fatal error! I get the fatal error message when trying to download a set. It's showing up in my downloads file but won't open. Any advice please?

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