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2014/4/30 15:50:32
Sustained mobile call Your characters sound very sophisticated! Where did they/you get their mobile phone from?

2014/4/6 18:54:19
Ok, another question please... aah, I got ya! Thank you.
I'm assuming you cant upload an avi to the paper bag facemask?

thanks so much for your help
2014/4/6 18:21:30
mobile phone/camera! I just want to download a mobile phone as an asset. I cant figure out sketch up at the moment - is there a way to create or import or find an existing mobile phone please? (My character needs to do a selfie!)
2014/4/6 17:36:05
Ok, another question please... Thanks again. Does it have to be G Dubbya? Can you not project onto the paper bag face mask?
I dont want to see G Dubby's face anywhere, especially in my animation
2014/4/6 16:56:14
Ok, another question please... Thank you Ziggy. I cant seem to load an avi file though - what might I be doing wrong?
And how do I use the spotlight for projecting? (Maybe that's what I'm doing wrong...?)

2014/4/5 20:15:44
lighting sets? Marvellous! Thank you again
2014/4/5 18:42:06
lighting sets? I've downloaded them but cant find them anywhere. When I look at the details of the download, all the assets, backdrops, lights etc show as skipped. Only the uninstaller appears. I've uninstalled and reinstalled and don't seem to have them anywhere.

2014/4/5 18:21:25
Ok, another question please... woah man, that's brilliant!
Thank you.

I just need to find where my green screen and lighting stuff is hidden and I'll be on my way
2014/4/5 15:00:21
get the character to hold something aah wonderful! thank you
2014/4/5 14:40:31
get the character to hold something I've paid up now - hurrah - and want to be able to get a character to hold a glass but I dont see it in the character actions box. Is it somewhere else?

thanks again - and sorry for all the newbie (ish) questions
2014/4/5 14:38:42
Ok, another question please... thank you - sounds very complicated but I'll have a go!
2014/4/5 14:23:36
Ok, another question please... Is it possible to import a video onto a characters face or body? Something like this perhaps -

(Or the recent David Bowie video, also created by Tony Oursler?)

Thank you.
2014/4/5 0:47:54
crashing? Yes, I found the place the sets were saved in - and then deleted my question; you must have replied just before I deleted it!
Thank you.
2014/4/4 23:18:05
crashing? Aah good - I thought that might be the answer but its good to check. Cheers!
2014/4/4 22:02:31
crashing? I understand that to stop Muvizu crashing (way too often) I should uninstall and then reinstall the programme. I just want to make sure I wont lose any of my unfinished work if I do that?

I thank you
2014/4/2 22:41:03
lengthen ... bah humbug!

thank you
2014/4/2 18:48:59
lengthen ... How can I make an action or audio on the timeline longer? It would be nice to drag it to a specific point, or cut and paste another section of a movement to make it longer...

I'm sure there is (must be?) a simple solution?

Thank you again kind folk
2014/4/2 18:44:09
importing video... MarkWaldo wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
Muvizu doesn't support audio on any imported video. Never has, unfortunately.

Import the video, then prepare audio, select new track, import the audio as an mp3 audio track making sure the audio and video were aligned before importing it. You can adjust the volume there and it will play with the rest of your project.

Thank you!
2014/4/1 23:27:44
importing video... I have read through some of the previous posts on importing video but cant find an answer to my problem.

I'm trying to import a video (onto the widescreen monitor asset) within my Muvizu film. The video imports ok, but not the sound. I'm using premiere pro to export audio and video. Then I tried to convert the video with Virtual Dub as well Any Video Converter, but still no sound once I import into my Muvizu film.

Hope that's clear.... Please help!

thank you Duhh
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2014/3/31 10:35:06
object on table Aaah yes, thank you. I'd forgotten to hold the mouse with both buttons, and to tick the right box! Thanks so much primaveranz.
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