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2014/3/30 23:52:07
object on table Help please!
How can I put an bottle on a table? The bottle disappears behind the table and needs to come forward somehow.

thank you
2014/3/28 14:51:14
I'm not sure where to look for this... .. so I'm asking here please! 2 things which I think are related but I dont know the technical term to help me find them.... I need someone to sit on a chair but the the person disappears behind the chair, so I need her to be in front of it. Likewise, I cant put objects on the top of a worktop, there's only so far that I can move them before they disappear too. Please advise!

thank you
2013/7/13 13:29:03
I need a bride and groom! Oh thats useful! Thank you
2013/7/13 12:06:08
I need a bride and groom! Ive looked for characters that could be adapted for a bride and groom but with little success. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to find characters and suitable clothing for a short video of a just married couple with confetti being thrown? Not much to ask eh?

2013/6/5 18:46:45
make video wont make video! ok, thanks again for your time!
2013/6/5 17:36:02
make video wont make video! Aah, thank you. Thats a nice new video which seems to have changed and also there are far more resolution and codec sizes on offer there, which I dont have! Any idea why?

I have managed to get to the right 'make video' page now by the way, though I've done nothing different from before.

2013/6/5 11:02:13
make video wont make video! My video just seems to hang in the 'make video' screen. I cant abort it as it wont abort and if I cant save it unless I close the muvizu window entirely - then I get an option to cancel. Then I return to the make video screen .... and round and round I go!

Ive got the markers in the right place and the video will play but... I'm sure you get the message by now. Help please!
2013/4/30 21:05:47
adding a character... yup, makes total sense! Thanks Wiggle
2013/4/30 20:16:23
adding a character... hello nice helpful people
I have a video with one dancing character. I now want to add a second character to do the same dance at the same time... I cant quite figure out how to this. I'm sure someone out there can

2013/4/14 23:50:12
blank preview Yup, you got it urbanlamb. Go to the top of the class!
I forgot about the camera position.

its been a long day....

thank you all
2013/4/14 23:00:08
blank preview LULU153 wrote:
Thanks Ziggy, I'll have another go with the video.
That link doesnt seem to work - should I be looking for Divx #AVIS?

the link does now work!
2013/4/14 22:58:19
blank preview I cant upload a screen shot here but the problem is the same regardless of the size of the clip. Even before I start to 'make the video' the preview screen is blank so I imagine that has some bearing on why I cant view a complete video on my pc?!
2013/4/14 22:54:54
blank preview Thanks Ziggy, I'll have another go with the video.
That link doesnt seem to work - should I be looking for Divx #AVIS?
2013/4/14 22:26:22
blank preview The videos that I can view AND hear are in AVI but I cant import them into my Muvizu video nor upload them anywhere. I also dont get the 'upload to youtube' option as its greyed out
2013/4/14 22:21:17
blank preview plus if I want to insert a movie into my muvizu movie, it needs to be in quick time I think?
2013/4/14 22:16:37
blank preview I tried viewing through WMP but that didnt work either
2013/4/14 19:13:14
blank preview The tga option just gave me 480 individual video frames! I didnt try opening them in QT. I'll see what the Muvizu gods suggest tomorrow.

many thanks!
2013/4/14 17:03:22
blank preview cripes, that sounds scary! I'm on 64 bit so do I have to download both links?

thank you
2013/4/14 16:33:47
blank preview Thanks. That didnt help I'm afraid. I'll email the bugs department

2013/4/14 15:39:32
blank preview I'm loving the new Muvizu look but cant seem to save a video. The ones that have saved are avi format and I cant open them in quicktime. Or they are blank but with the sound only. The preview is blank and when I click on preview the film plays on the muvizu page but not in the preview screen. Help please!

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