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2013/3/28 22:35:25
ASE importer link many thanks again!
2013/3/28 19:02:11
ASE importer link Thank you but thats the link I tried I'm afraid. Gives me just a blank file (I took a screen shot but cant figure out how to upload it here)
2013/3/28 16:24:48
upload a video help please Thank you - theres no ads or 'pron' in my video, though it could be conceived as somewhat horrific!
2013/3/28 16:23:52
ASE importer link When I click on the downloaded ASE link plug in I am unable to install it into the google sketchup plug ins folder as its empty. The icon is just plain white and doesnt look like the one in the video tutorial. Can anyone advise please?

thank you
2013/3/26 22:34:14
upload a video help please Oh thank you - I uploaded it from here and only had the youtube option. I guess it'll appear here soon enough... Its really a classic, in the Citizen Kane genre.. Cool
2013/3/26 21:39:14
upload a video help please I've uploaded my latest creation and its gone straight to number one... err no, straight to YouTube and bypassed the Muvizu gallery. I don't know how I managed to post my first little film here and not on YouTube. How do I get them both on my profile page/or in the Muvizu gallery please?

I thank you again
2013/3/25 15:52:43
import objects from elsewhere? aah thanks!
2013/3/25 15:47:56
import objects from elsewhere? I'm looking to import bottles, jars etc and cant find them on Muvizu. Is there another site that such objects might be on please?

thank you
2013/3/19 23:22:20
I need a mirror please! Thank you. I'll check it out
2013/3/19 20:57:49
I need a mirror please! Phew thanks, I'm not totally senile yet then
2013/3/19 20:33:58
I need a mirror please! mysto wrote:
There is a dressing room set included in Muvizu that has a mirror. It's under the "entertainment" section. I just copy the mirror and the camera it uses for reflections and paste it into whatever set I need it in.

Adjust the "FOV" of the camera to get the look you want. Works really well for me.

I cant find the entertainment section! Is it under objects?
2013/3/19 20:27:21
I need a mirror please! of course! what a dumbo I am at times

again, thank you!
2013/3/19 20:14:16
I need a mirror please! Wow you are all so helpful and fast too! Thanks so much.

I thought I had posted this point earlier but clearly forgot to press send; when I tried to add he picture frame it kept
slipping to the floor or to the sink, as I tried to 'hang'
above the bathroom sink. It wouldn't stay in position on the wall.

Anyhow, I will have a go with your suggestions - thank you
2013/3/19 17:20:29
I need a mirror please! oh thanks, I'll give that a go
2013/3/19 15:42:21
I need a mirror please! A wall mirror, or a dressing table mirror. Anyone know where or how?

thank you
2013/3/18 17:32:43
ageing woman? You guys are wonderful! And Muvizu is wonderful Wiggle

thanks so much
2013/3/18 16:48:57
ageing woman? oh thanks for your speedy reply! I'll have a go at that later.

Can I ask another question - Ive made a 10 second animation but the 'make video' button is greyed out so I cant click on it. It says 'the total length of your movie is 0.00 seconds' which it isnt! What have I done wrong?
thank you!
2013/3/18 16:29:11
ageing woman? Hello, I wonder if there is a way to age one of the characters? Or perhaps are there any older female characters that can be used?

2013/3/17 23:41:15
Help please - Well I am delighted (and somewhat embarrassed) to report that I have bought a brand spanking new HP Pavilion all in one pc, just so that I can use a free piece of software!! I will sell my mac of course, so all is not lost....

Now that Ive rid myself of my guilt, Im going off to play.....
2013/3/16 20:55:53
Help please - Oh it all sounds so complicated! Can you just post me a
couple of links - UK based if possibleplease

Thank you!
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