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2013/3/16 20:05:56
Help please - Yes, thanks. As someone said on the other forum, I'm only looking for a pc to use this programme and one other that I have. No need for cinematic films or for multi tasking, so I'm hoping a recent pc will do the job without getting into the details too much (as they get a bit over powering for an old gal like me!)

thanks again
2013/3/16 19:52:37
Help please - Ok thanks.... Ive just discovered the forum page that discusses which pc might be best. I'll carry on looking there.

thanks again
2013/3/16 19:20:03
Help please - would something like this be suitable do you think?

2013/3/16 19:14:31
Help please - OK, thanks very much for your help

I can see that using a lovely free piece of software such as Muvizu is going to cost me a lorra dosh!

thanks again
2013/3/16 18:43:11
Help please - urbanlamb wrote:
Unfortunately this means that your card is not compatible with muvizu you will need to upgrade it to meet the specs on the site. Many laptops have cards which can't run such things. Also to be honest it has to be a very powerful laptop or you will burn it out on such things but if you want to run muvizu your going to need to upgrade the card. (and possibly other things )

Shader model 3 graphics card (or equivalent APU)

Direct X 9, June 2010 version or later, available

Aah, ok thank you. So do you think I'd have more luck with a cheapish pc laptop then? (Not that I'm looking to throw money away!)
2013/3/16 18:04:20
Help please - I have a Macbook and have had Windows 7 installed via Virtual Box in order to use Muvizu. I have downloaded the software but am unable to open it due to this message -
"Your video card does not support alpha blending with floating point render
targets (DSDFMT_A16B16G16RF16F) which is required to run this game.

Can anyone advise what this means and how to overcome it?

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