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2013/3/17 11:53:56
Muvizu - Problems Hi guys. I'm experiencing a few problems on Muvizu 3D. I've installed Muvizu for the first time since the old program layout and the new one looks like I need to get used to it.

Firstly, my setup:
Samsung Series 7 Gamer running MuvizuSetupDXDotNetFull_2012.11.19.01R_x64.
That's Intel Core i7 Sandy Bridge, Nvidia GeForce GTX 675M with CUDA, 16GB RAM and the operating system is Windows 8 Professional with Windows Media Centre (x64).

Secondly, the problems:

1. The set doesn't fit the whole of my 1920 x 1080 notebook screen. In the old Muvizu, you could adjust resolution. Where's it gone?

2. Top-right corner, the three icons are pixelated. Shouldn't they be vector or at least suited for Full HD screens?

3. By any chance can I bring back the old layout?

Thanks for helping!
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