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2013/5/10 18:46:52
Question: copying character to another file sorry, may i know where to choose the function "save the character"? thanks
2013/5/10 18:10:39
Question: copying character to another file Hello, i wanna ask how to copy a character from one muvizu file to another muvizu file?
Many thanks!
2013/4/24 14:54:15
Failed to load object from file Big help!!! I almost finish an office.
But after I insert some graphics, it gives an error, and the muvizu shuts down immediately.
Then when i reopen the muvizu, it said

"There was an error loading the scene. Failed to load object from file."

What is happening to the Muvizu?? I have used several days to make the scene.
Please help!!!! Help!!!!!
2013/4/6 7:33:23
I cannot add a 'mouse'.... Sorry, I still can't do so

I has successfully downloaded the ASE plugin for Sketchup and Sketchup.
I has also copied the muvizuaseexporter.rb file into the Sketchup Plugins folder.

But when i am exporting, I cannot find the HardPCM Exporter For Unreal Tournament.

So i continue to export ASE format ignoring the HardPCM Exporter For Unreal Tournament.

Then i follow the steps in the tutorial. When i enter Muvizu importing the object, it shows an error that "There was an error importing the object. File not found. C:/Users/ken/Desktop/v/Porte fen_tre/textures/toto.bmp"

But i have downloaded the
SketchUp 6 (.skp) and Collada (.zip) in

But i still cannot import. Help!!!
2013/4/5 14:49:24
I cannot add a 'mouse'.... Excuse me, may i know how to put the objects downloaded from the Google 3D warehouse to the Muvizu? I don't know how to do ><" Thanks!
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