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2013/5/5 19:18:48
two simple questions... Muvizu will run even if you don't intall new stuff. But if you want to, you get go on the Get Assets section of the website.

How can I be alerted newsletter Muvizu new version and new update?

You will be alerted when you will click and open Muvizu. If their is a new version, it will write : A new version of Muvizu is available, do you want to install it, and you press on YES. All is done automaticly, so you're not obligated to be alerting with email

I wish it helped
2013/5/5 16:05:39
net framework Unninstall all and start again. I did it and it worked.
2013/5/3 23:48:06
How to import a .step file on Muvizu It worked !

For all the people who wanna transform a .step, a .stp file or a .obj file into Muvizu , use Blender, intall this https://code.google.com/p/ase-export-vmc/downloads/detail?name=ASE250.zip (to install it, you have to follow the step on the 'Read Me' file.

Then, you only import your object in Blender, and export it in .asd file

I wish this will help a lot of people like me !!!
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2013/5/3 13:01:19
How to import a .step file on Muvizu I think I have an idea, I will transform my .STEP fil into a .STL file, then open it with blender and export it in .ASD !!!

I wish it will work, because I will have a lot of stuff to give to Muvizu
2013/5/3 12:22:36
How to import a .step file on Muvizu Hi all Muvizuers,

I tried to find a topic related to this subject, but I don't find it. I model object with software like Autocad who can only be exported in Zip or in .step. So, I wanna know if it's possible to import .step file on Muvizu (and if yes, how) ?

Thank you for your help !
2013/5/1 1:49:12
Newer Version, same problem The same as me : NO problem at all. Thank you Muvizu !
2013/4/28 22:47:36
Une communauté francophone : JE VEUX DES PREUVES Bonjour à tous,

On m'a dit la semaine passé qu'il y avait une communauté francophone utilisant Muvizu. Comme je me dois de sauvegarder notre beau patrimoine culturel, je crée aujourd'hui un espace réservé au francophone, dans le but de parler de tout et de rien.

Je souhaite d'y voir au moins quelques participants

Sincèrement, Dwarf.
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2013/4/28 21:47:31
How can I contribute to the Muvizu community ? Great joke
2013/4/28 14:53:53
How can I contribute to the Muvizu community ? Hi, I really like Muvizu and I would to know how is it possible to help you ?
2013/4/24 19:57:30
I'm tired of this CRASH ! OK, thank you. I will try the new patch.
2013/4/24 12:44:16
I'm tired of this CRASH ! I downloaded the patch of your new version today, but the editor crash still happend every time I wanna change the wall's background.
I don't think it's my PC, but I don't know, maybe I miss files or something like that ???
2013/4/24 12:32:27
Do you have a personnal website ? Hi all, I wanna if you have a personnal website that shows us all the project you did. If you have one, it could be cool to link it to us. We will be able to know a bit more about you

Mine is a website for a school project( I had to met engineer and do a production for each of my meeting). (I know it's in French), sorry.
Here is the link : http://alexandrechartrand.tk/
2013/4/21 19:43:06
Change the color of the eyes You're completly right ! I found the option in eyes' menu !
2013/4/21 19:14:49
Change the color of the eyes It's a simple idea to improve Muvizu. Changing color of the eyes could be a great new option.
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2013/4/21 14:57:49
Not sure about publishing my video Hi all, I know you start to hate me with all my questions, but I have an other one for you. I wanna publish my video on youtube or your website but I don't know if its legal to do it. In my movie, I talk about GMO, so I talk about a big company of GMO. I wanna know if I have to contact them to know if I can publish my video or if we don't need an autorisation. I just DON'T know things about copyrights and legel stuff, and I don't wanna have troubles.

So, I would know if you could help me (again )

Thank you.
2013/4/21 5:08:36
BIG PROBLEM: NOT ABLE TO READ MY VIDEO I read on microsoft forum and I installed K-Lite Codec like you said to me. It's working !!!

I'm less stressed now

Thank you.
2013/4/21 4:28:27
BIG PROBLEM: NOT ABLE TO READ MY VIDEO Hi, I made my first video (about 15 minutes) but, I'm not able to read it with windows media player . (windows media player should be able to read .avi files !!!!!) So, I tried to read it with movie maker and nothing happend, it written : movie maker isn't able to read you content ! I'm very sad. If I cannot fiz that, I will get a 0 ! Help me pls !!!! ( I think its a problem with codec, but I don't know how to fix that !)

Is their a Mvizu viewer somewhere ?

Sincerely .... A guy who needs your help more than ever
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2013/4/20 19:43:18
I can I created a smooking with Muvizu THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!
It's what I was searching for. Sorry if you don't understand the word smooking (we call a 'jacket' like this where I live )

Thank you again !
2013/4/20 19:18:56
I can I created a smooking with Muvizu A smooking is a type of cloth that boys wear for wedding . (Write smooking on google )
2013/4/19 12:38:03
I can I created a smooking with Muvizu Hi Muvizuers !

I saw a SO BEAUTIFUL smooking here http://www.muvizu.com/Video/24469/News-Round-Up-18-The-Week-In-Figures

I tried to the same one (or a one who look like this one) with UV-Mapping, but I'm not able to do it

So, I wanna know how can I do a smooking as beautiful as this one.

Thank you if you have advices for me !
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