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2016/4/26 20:50:43
Video Very Dark I have had the same problem with the output looking dark and then the actual PNG files look like a misty ghost scene...
2015/11/30 18:16:06
Problem with SHUSH Timeline I am having the same problem right after the update on both my work computer and my home computer.
2015/2/6 22:23:19
Autosave Feature Hi Everyone!

I'm ultra absent minded so I always get like 1 hour+ into making something and forget to save, and of course it crashes... My brother made me something that helps. It uses AutoHotKey

Then he wrote a little script on there that Auto saves every 5 minutes(300,000 Miliseconds)! Now it doesn't always work because sometimes i'm in record mode and Ctr+S doesn't work but for the most part it's really helpful!

Here is a link to a folder that contains the .exe file you can run that automatically presses Ctr+S every 5 minutes it also has the AutoHotKey script file so if you want to change the time you can download AutoHotKey and load the modified script.

<link removed by admin>

The script looks like this:


SetTimer, Autosave, 300000 <----- this is the value you change for longer or shorter intervals. it's in Milliseconds.

SetTitleMatchMode, 2
IfWinActive, Muvizu
Send ^s
IfWinNotActive, Muvizu
WinWaitActive, Muvizu
Send ^s

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