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2014/2/21 19:26:39
adding video file to background I would like to learn how to add a video to a backdrop or tv screen. I know how to add pics but not video.

I am sure this has been asked, I tried searching the posting but have not luck just yet.

Please help.. :-)
2013/8/15 18:18:01
Error Message still Occur frm last months update I am still getting an error message from an update over a month ago. I know they sent an update about a week and half ago but still cannot open many of my sets.

Still receive this error:

"There was an error loading the scene.

The feature you are trying to use is not licensed for this version of Muvizu."

2013/7/26 2:23:26
Soundtrack on multi sets How do i join a number of different set scene to make one soundtrack. I want to open up my scene with one set and lead the viewer through several sets but having one song playing throughout? Almost like a music video that is not captured in one scene.
2013/7/24 2:49:18
Updated and now my videos will not load up I have not been using the software for about a month. When I click to work on my videos it request to update my version. So I updated to the newest version. Now I receive an Error message on all my videos.
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