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2016/3/11 13:03:42
x-formation software usage? It is just marked suspicious by my scanning software, because as I was told, a file from X-formation should have their authentication signature. But that signature isn't there.

I'm glad to know that this file its part of MUVIZU software license manager.

Thanks !
2016/3/10 16:26:14
x-formation software usage? Hi there,

By means of hitmanpro scanning software I detected a suspected file on my computer. This file seems to originate from X_FORMATION software developers, but lacks their authentication signature. Upon removal, it is replaced immediately.

Now I'm looking for the source of this rather big file.

Perhaps somebody knows it? Its code is: xf-8c374069b3fe0bedc6129647d8f59f8a.tmp Google does not give more info upon typing this code than referring to X-formation.

May be MUVIZU software developers know whether or not X-formation software is used in e.g. MUVIZU software?

2016/2/29 21:11:07
ASE plugin MDW, I'm sorry, but the wiki link you gave, functions only for sketchup 2015.
2016/2/29 21:07:57
ASE plugin Nobody can keep up with the speed of changing software, isn't it? Even the tutorials of sketchup2016 are behind, ... Duhh

Next try out, now.
2016/2/29 19:45:35
ASE plugin Hi there,

Despite all detailed info and procedures and links given on this forum by various Muvizu'ers, I'm not able to bring the ASE plugin on the right place in sketchup 2016.

First, I tried sketchup 8. Yes the plugin is in the right place. It is visible as a tool, ... but I can't enter the 3D warehouse, that's is blocked by Trimble. Starting with version 2013.

So, next sketchup 2016 pro, trial version installed. Tried to copy the ASE plugin into the plugin folder mentioned under:


Upon restart, sketchup 2016 keeps saying that there is something wrong. The ASe plugin is not shown.

Obviously, sketchup changed the location or something like that, for this plugin. But where? How?

How to fix this?
2016/2/20 13:51:59
Issues with character actions In this case I use specific movements from "politics" in prepare character actions.
2016/2/10 9:30:52
lines Solved. Thanks, MDW13.
2016/2/9 16:30:04
lines Hi there,

My movie on TV does look so well.

On TV or plasma TV, the screen shows grey and white lines, instead of my normal screen as shown on the backdrop.

Who knows a way to fix this?


PS how to upload a sccreenshot? I don't understand " URL" method.
2016/1/28 13:57:28
graphics software URBANLAMP said: I use krita now its got a better interface then gimp and is maintained and up to date.

KRITA is more digital painting software, I think. Fantastic results are shown, but i'm not a painter.

GIMP looks more like Coreldraw and corelpaint, as far as I've seen up to now.

Thanks for your suggestions!
2016/1/27 14:28:43
graphics software OK, that sounds good. Try out and become familiar with it.

Another question. Do you happen to know GIMP enables to cut out items, or clone pixels? I use cloning a lot to modify or clean up a cut out.

2016/1/27 12:39:44
graphics software Hi there,

It is said (internet) that my coreldraw X4 version is not compatible with Windows10. The same problem seems to hold for Coreldraw X7 under WIN10 running on 64-bit systems. Luckely I didnot upgrade to win10 yet.

Does anyone know powerful alternative software for either coreldraw or photoshop software at an affordable price?

2016/1/1 19:23:37
play+? Found it, thanks again!
2016/1/1 12:48:53
play+? Guys, I've downloaded v1.5, but can't find the license manager. Is should be under the questionmark, but it is not there. Where do I find it?

2015/12/29 21:19:19
UI overview & basic us render layers OK,

2015/12/28 19:56:15
UI overview & basic us render layers Hi There,

Does somebody know the meaning of the abbreviation "UI" and where to find info mentioned about it?

The tutorial about layers recommends to take notice of it, but it is not mentioned in muvizu wiki 'video rendering.'

2015/12/23 19:36:05
layers and movements More details are welcome, I guess, MrDrWho13!
2015/12/23 14:14:28
layers and movements Thx a lot !

That's an important thing to know, I think.

I my case, if I do understand well, my top layer will be the path, with a transparent background. Time to experiment with it.

2015/12/23 12:19:53
layers and movements Hi there,

The potential of layers is clearly demonstrated in your 2 tutorials, but yet I'm not clear how to arrange 'things.' E.g. I wonder how to let my character walk into the background. Normally the character goes right through it, but now I want to 'walk' him a specific path, drawn on the background layer. In the tutorial the character comes out from behind the fountain.

So my question is, how to direct the precise path, the movements of my character, or e.g. object? By means of trial and error? (I'm using Pinnacle Studio Plus as video-editor.)
2015/12/10 16:21:59
online downloads Thanks a lot!

This is great; enjoyed it very much and downloaded the ones I was looking for successfully.
2015/12/9 13:54:59
online downloads Hi there,

Where do I find an object downloaded from the online box? Quickly a message appears, but it does not say where its going to.

Typing the specific object name in the "create / all" box, does not present the downloaded object.

For some other objects an ID license is asked. How to handle that?

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