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2013/5/25 4:28:10
Import .jpg image to make new character Hi Dwarf
That is great.
i would also be happy if the banner has no surround or legs.
it can just glide a cross the screen, as long as it can twirl when it gets to the centre. and then continue gliding off the screen.
it is a flag after all. as a character, it is thin, but wide and tall
how did you get the file to be accepted into the program.
2013/5/25 3:17:27
Import .jpg image to make new character Hi Dwarf
I want the Banner to be a character.
if you like the banner (a flag with the group name on it ) would have legs and arms but no head.
and the flag walks onto the stage.
It has to be big enough to read the words of the club name.
2013/5/25 0:38:28
Import .jpg image to make new character Amazing program and package!!
Can you help me with this situation. My first video
I have a club branch banner in .jpg and need the image to be made into a character. 30 clubs will bring their banner and i need to 'video' a banner parade. The system keeps givng me an error. wrong format? So start with making one banner into a moving character.
The vision is that the banner will come onto a stage, move across left to right, spin at the centre of stage, hold facing the audience for say 2 secs, and then go into a group milling on stage right.
How can i get the image to become a character.
Is it practical to have say 40 characters. The banners look the same, it is just the club name at the bottom that is changed.
thanks john
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