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2013/6/4 16:28:16
Error Message on Startup!!! Hi Jamie,

Thanks for your reply.
I tried what you said and it still didnt work, i got the same error message as before. Dont worry though, ill just wait until the next patch/update comes out and see if that fixes it.

2013/5/27 17:31:18
Error Message on Startup!!! Something else i noticed while installing this program was that when it came to installing C++ and .NET i had 2 options. Repair or remove. Assuming repair meant update i clicked that and i'm just wondering if that has something to do with it...
2013/5/26 20:40:14
Error Message on Startup!!! Hello,

I recently discovered Muvizu and i thought that it looked brilliant but when i tried to install and then run the program, I received the following error message "An error has occurred: Unable to load DLL 'Muvizu.dll': Exception from HRESULT: 0xC00001D.

I am running on 32bit windows XP and I downloaded the lite 32bit package. Please help as i would love to use this software.
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