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2014/2/17 22:11:14
Get my character to play drums Hi,

primaveranz - It's the boy.

fazz68 - Good to know. So, I guess there will be no air guitar either. Maybe next version?

Thanks for your help!
2014/2/17 20:50:26
Get my character to play drums I'm having my character dance to music. He does every action I click on when it comes to dancing, but when I click on the actions I chose for drumming, he doesn't do any of them. Actually, the drumming actions are dim in the Direct Character Actions box. What do I need to do to make them work?

2014/1/27 5:48:39
Get rid of the pink dots You're right! The dots weren't there when I rendered it.
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2014/1/27 0:22:06
Make my character move Ha! octo-crab I do almost everything but that.

Just to let you all know, I deleted the old move block. Got my timing "spot on" as fazz68 suggested. Didn't touch the new block, and now my character's moving! Thanks, everyone for your help!

2014/1/26 15:38:35
Make my character move Yes. I moved the block. I'll just delete it and start over again. Next time I won't move the block and see what happens. Thanks.
2014/1/26 15:04:20
Get rid of the pink dots Here's the thread about the issue with moving the character:

I am moving the camera manually. I'll look up on how to animate it.

2014/1/26 14:36:20
Get rid of the pink dots I've given up on trying to get my character to move right now. I've been trying since yesterday. I wanted to make him walk towards the camera, but he won't. So, I've decided to have the camera move in to him instead. Not the same effect, but I wanted some movement.

The issue now is that pink dots appear when I'm moving the camera. How do I get rid of them? I don't want them in the scene.

Please help. Thanks.
2014/1/26 14:19:32
Make my character move How do people possibly make long videos with this? No matter what I do, my character won't move.

Is this issue only in the upgraded version?
2014/1/25 23:57:06
Make my character move Wow. I guess I just lucked out with my other videos. I've had some issues, like the audio and video being out of sync, but nothing like this.

I've just done little snippets. And I've only ever used one character, which I've never named. I'll try naming him to see if that will make a difference.

If it wasn't for this forum, I'd probably spend hours trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. I hope this bug is fixed soon.

Thanks for your help!
2014/1/25 23:17:48
Make my character move I'm having trouble with character movement. The "move" block is showing on the timeline but when I hit play, my character doesn't move. The play bar goes straight through the move block and the character just stands still. He only moves if I manually scroll to the move block then hit play. So, the play head has to be in the move block in order for my character to move.

I've just recently upgraded to Muvizu Play +. This is a new issue for me.

Can someone tell me what I could possibly be doing wrong? Thanks.
2014/1/10 4:19:44
Change clothes colors Got it! I only looked at one of the videos you sent me last night, thinking that all I needed to know was how to make the background transparent. Then the box outline showed up with the graphics on the characters' t-shirts. I followed the instructions in the second video just now and the box outline disappeared! Thanks again for all of your help! I really appreciate it.
2014/1/9 14:42:33
Change clothes colors Thanks for the video. I did the transparency. The colors match perfectly this time, but there still is a visible square. I selected "don't breathe" to see if the square would be as apparent, but my character won't stop breathing. Is this a bug with this version? All eye selections, "blinking" and "unblinking" work.

Anyway, here's an example of what I mean by the square still showing even with the transparency:

Do you have any suggestions on what to do about this?
2014/1/9 4:55:39
Change clothes colors Thanks! You helped me with adding a graphic to the t-shirt. Which was quite easy. The thing is, when I add a graphic, it is outlined with a box. I've added an image so you can see what I mean. It's even more noticeable with darker colors. How do you blend it in so the outline of the box doesn't show? Maybe this is something that can be done in Photoshop? I'm using CorelDraw.