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2015/7/19 22:56:01
FBX import errors (of course errors) Hi! I use Poser to create models and after exporting them to FBX I get "Fatal error" window when I try to import them in muvizu and it shows alot about different dll files etc. Why is this happening?
2013/9/7 10:20:00
Texture issue while importing .ASE Hey everybody. First time posting here I use poser to model objects, then I export them as wavefronts and open them up in 3d converter and convert them to .ASE. When I import those objects in Muvizu the whole object only has one texture even though I used 3 different textures.

The .mtl file has the 3 different textures. Why does Muvizu only use one of the textures?
Hope someone can help
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