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2017/4/27 7:32:29
Statik PSVR Review and psvr new youtube channel Nicely done and a really good use of Muvizu.
2017/4/23 7:31:06
Digimania has gone into administration It's all such a shame. The technical team at Muvizu have always been a pleasure to deal with and I'm sure you'll be snapped up by another company up there in "Silicon Glenn".

Keep in touch - you know where I am....
2017/4/19 19:49:36
Digimania has gone into administration This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end
2017/4/13 8:29:33
Heaven Bound Test Render Nicely done.
2017/4/10 6:20:48
custom character and action , Muvizu style That is brilliant.
2017/4/5 15:46:42
NEW VERSION RELEASE Have installed it and opened a set.

It worked.

Not sure what I'm looking for. I will see if layers are fixed in this version so I can move to it...
2017/3/16 18:45:52
Help loading video..... Comictude - HitFilm Express is free and will solve a myriad of problems for you.
2017/2/26 7:15:52
Wheels animation tricks Rod, I can only second that you are a genius.
2017/2/14 6:58:43
Motion blur All this sort of stuff is much better done in post production as you get far more control and it ends up being quicker. I use HitFilm - here's my Wiki -

I don't even use depth of field in Muvizu anymore.....
2017/1/22 14:34:47
Set won't open rollasoc,

I've not had much of this recently (although I'm not on the latest version). Once it's in this state I'm afraid it's game over.

I generally only get issue with imported object that will import but won't load as part of a set, but that gives a slightly different error.

As you;ve already worked out "save early, save often" is the mantra.........
2017/1/20 8:29:28
WAV file associated with image sequence I have only just realised that the WAV file associated with an image sequence only covers the section of the shot which has sound. I had previously thought that it covered the section up until the sound stopped (the WAV file is often shorter than the overall length of the shot).

Now that sounds all very reasonable, however if your sound only covers a section in the middle of your shot then you have no way of keying the sound back to the images.

I would argue that the WAV produced should cover the complete length of the shot.

For the moment I have created a 30 second silent WAV that when loaded into Muvizu will trick it into producing the correct length WAV.
2017/1/15 19:12:20
Rollin', rollin', rollin' Ikes,

You sir.... are a genius.
2017/1/10 9:13:17
Frame rate question...... ritsmer -so which are you saying is correct ?
2017/1/10 8:56:53
Frame rate question...... Thanks ritsmer - yes - I guess that's what I should have done !

It can confirm I have the official answer - 25fps it is.

Now to adjust my defaults......
2017/1/10 8:02:52
Frame rate question...... ....but that would tell me the frame-rate for AVI/MP4 not necessarily for image sequences.....

I need a definitive answer.
2017/1/10 7:29:19
Frame rate question...... A bit technical here, but what frame rate is used for image sequences out of Muvizu ?

I am having dialogue sync issues and I think this is the cause....

I output as a PNG sequence from Muvizu and get a WAV file as well. I import into HitFIlm and put my WAV alongside my sequence. The frame rate I set my composite shot to will determine how many frames the audio will cover. On longer shots I think I've notice the audio "go out".

So how many frames do I get per second out of Muvizu using image sequences ?

(Don't just guess please)
2017/1/6 13:32:32
WHERE ARE YOU? I'm in the middle of England - the Midlands in fact.... and yes, I'm in band.
2016/12/30 16:27:30
Budda Meditate Yes and no.....

Within Muvizu the answer is no, but I often prolong stances in post production later.....

  • Put the character you want to prolong the stance on their own layer.
  • Make sure that anything that goes in front of the character is also on a separate layer.
  • Don't move the camera in Muvizu
  • Render the layers and assemble in your favourite compositor (HitFilm is mine).
  • Duplicate the layer with character who needs a longer stance, multiple times if necessary.
  • Move the duplicated layers along so that the stance is elongated and cut all the layers except the last one just before they come out of the stance.

I appreciate there's a lot here, but as I say I do it all the time.

If your character speaks you may have to do multiple takes of that character's layer and move the action along a bit for each take. I hope you have a lot of time on your hands!

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2016/12/27 6:30:06
MERRY CHRISTMAS! And a Merry Christmas from me as well......

I haven't posted a link to this for a while.....
and it seems appropriate.
2016/12/23 6:29:41
Can I attach a light source, or a camera to... Hauksbee wrote:
By the way, do 3DMax objects present any problems for importing?

I have done probably thousands of exports from 3DMax. If you are familiar enough with the technology here's some pointers.

  • Get the model into 3DMax and resize.
  • Make sure the whole thing is one object - so Attach everything to everything else.
  • Position the axis to the centre of the object and "transform"
  • create a small box at the centre of your object and call it UCX_name - where name is the exact name of your main object. This will be your collision box and it's best just to make it as small as possible
  • Export as an FBX ensuring TurboSmooth is turned on
  • Import into a second running version of Muvizu. Save and re-open the set containing just your object (this step may seem pointless, but believe me will avoid a lot of tears)
That's it.
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