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2020/12/5 9:31:43
Question About Music If film is in public domain, music is in public domain.

Otherwise it would not be in public domain.
2020/8/28 8:21:16
Store User Assets DigiFactor wrote:
drewi wrote:
Despicable said in a Sylvester the cat style.hope the spam stops soon.Any luck yet DOBY?

I set notification to my email so I can track spam, once I get them I'll delete them, I'm still learning my staff features which I never bothered with before, Also sorry for not explaining more about the video import process and converter Light along with VirtualDub, I'll do a better tutorial to make it more clearer!

Don't apologize! It helped me a lot!
2020/8/25 18:45:00
Store User Assets drewi wrote:
Despicable said in a Sylvester the cat style.hope the spam stops soon.Any luck yet DOBY?

Success! Thank you for your help.

I used tga files instead of video and Virutal Dub did it!

It was upside down and backwards - easy fix.

Faded colors though: fixed by using camera and another backdrop and adjusted colors through camera settings!

Thanks again you are a pal!
2020/8/25 17:42:02
HOW DO I IMPORT VIDEO INTO MUVIZU? Okay, I had a hard time importing .avi to Virtual Dub.

I finally got it it to work using a converter that it would accept.

It played fine in Virutal Dub

Followed instructions and no more glitter strip.

However, got this:

Update used some exported TGA files and it worked!

But very very washed out

edited by doby on 2020/8/25

Update: FIXED! Use camera and put on other backdrop and adjust with camera settings!

edited by doby on 2020/8/25

edited by doby on 2020/8/25
2020/8/25 10:28:51
Doby, are you trying to use video as texture? please tell me more of what your trying to use imported videos for.

Trying to put animation on a backdrop.

Thanks for helping me.
2020/8/25 10:26:39
Store User Assets drewi wrote:
Despicable said in a Sylvester the cat style.hope the spam stops soon.Any luck yet DOBY?

No. I've done it before with the version I have.

Dunno if I need to install a codec or not
2020/8/17 8:40:41

Like you, I used to be able to do this.

Making 360 videos and green screen is really not an option

Thanks for trying to figure this out.
2020/8/16 13:08:33
HOW DO I IMPORT VIDEO INTO MUVIZU? I have tried every program with no success.

What format does Muvizu accept?

If someone could tell me that or ffmpeg commands.

2020/8/15 19:13:57
Store User Assets Many times. Did not work.
2020/8/15 12:13:59
Store User Assets DigiFactor wrote:
Try Converter Lite, it's what I use!

a) It tried to install a bunch of spamware on my computer

b) Same thing. Strip of glitter.

I didn't know which settings to use for export so I just chose HD AVI.

If someone knows the console commands for ffmpeg, I could do it that way, or at least what exact format these .AVI need to be I could research it.
edited by doby on 2020/8/15
2020/8/14 12:08:22
Store User Assets drewi wrote:
I use a program called Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate to solve my .avi problems. ( ) These lovely folks allow you to convert videos up to 3 minutes long with the trial version (more than enough for my use).
Load your video in.Choose "HD AVI" to convert to.
Expand your Profile to Advanced Profile SettingsUnder "Video Stream>Video" click the drop down menu and choose "Microsoft MPEG-4"ConvertVoila! You're good to go

First, choose AVI for your converted video. On the left-hand side of the program, under Profile, click on the Video Codec and a list of codecs will appear. Change this to "Microsoft MPEG-4". Convert.

Info courtesy of Big Wally.

Help! I only get a strip of glitter. I've tried this with Virtual Dub and XVid.
2020/7/29 22:35:35
Store User Assets Does the trial version expire?
2017/5/23 5:43:00
Indy Jones and the Temple of Zu That was great!
2017/4/25 4:57:26
2017/4/25 4:49:55
Need a video camera (prop). THAT IS AWESOME!
2017/4/3 2:25:21
Building sets - Lining up walls, floors, ceilings? PatMarrNC wrote:
is there any interest in a modular set with UVMapped walls and floor that can be used standalone as a simple 3 or 4 wall set... but which can also be combined together into a multi- room house?

I started it a while back but never finished.. if there's any interest I could probably have it in the store by Monday or Tuesday...

As a model, the walls would naturally be attached at the corners. If you combined several copies of it into different rooms, you might have to take care to avoid gaps though.

To make a 4 wall set into a 3 wall sitcom-style set, just apply an alpha texture to one of the walls.

2017/4/2 1:56:37
Building sets - Lining up walls, floors, ceilings? PatMarrNC wrote:
another thing that cleared up a lot of weird shadows in my models was UVMapping. When you apply color without UVMapping first, its as though light treats all the surfaces as though they are facing forward (when they aren't)

After UVMapping, the light is applied to the surfaces with consideration to the vectors, which eliminates a lot of visual anomalies.

That might not be a 100% technically correct description, but whatever the true reasons may be, I can say for sure that UVMapping makes a positive difference in a model's appearance.

Good to know, thanks!
2017/4/1 22:12:24
The Grand Bastardo returns PatMarrNC wrote:
sgnrmedia wrote:
I think that we all have that part of our personality that has these kinds of thoughts.

And no sense in keeping them all bottled up inside - will just eat you up after a while

I agree. I'm about to go down the same politically incorrect road. Still trying to figure out how to do it without alienating half my friends and family.

When I meet someone and they want to hang out, I bring it up right away. So far, they think like me and it works out.
2017/4/1 22:07:28
iClone 5.5 3D Give Away of the Day 31/03/2017 DougBailey wrote:
I downloaded yesterday but could not get a serial number. I registered and did everything they asked for. Nothing. Sent them an email asking for help. We'll see.

Took me a while to figure out the license is on Real Illusion website, not Giveaway site!

You register at Real Illusion, then you have to confirm. Once confirmed, you go to the link in the readme.txt and log in, and there it is. I was on a time difference we think, so even though I was installing during the giveaway, the license said expired
2017/4/1 22:02:57
iClone 5.5 3D Give Away of the Day 31/03/2017 PatMarrNC wrote:
now that you're subscribed to GiveAwayOfTheDay, be aware that if Reallusion offers ANY of their products, and you DL it and get it installed... that gets you in their customer database, and thereafter you'll get better prices. So, even if its a product that doesn't interest you, snag it anyway just to become a registered customer. That will be worth money later when something comes along that you do want.

Yeah, it's an interesting looking program! Thanks!
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