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2011/5/23 13:49:35
Audio Book now streaming - possible material toonarama wrote:
Great work there and very innovative way of presenting your excellent music

Hey Toony

Thank you for that ...It's a bit different isn't it ...Just trying to make it a bit more entertaining and it could be adapted for animation as well later on

2011/5/19 15:10:10
Audio Book now streaming - possible material I have revamped the Stonehinged web site today and made the Audiobook version of "Trevor and Rogers 13 Stygian Tales" a FREE streamer .. It might spark some idea's and all the audio files can be supplied
2011/5/9 8:28:30
Stonehinged Audio Book and Animation Project Hi Guys
I have just published an Audio Book version of "Trevor and Roger's 13 Stygian Tales" which incorperates the whole Stonehinged music album in with the spoken word story. A clip can be heard on the link below
I was wondering if anyone would be interested in animating the material.. either the audio book or the music ... I can supply the necessary audio tracks (Dry and seps).
I cant run it as a competition as I have no money but I can put the finished video's up on the band web site crediting you and of course send you a thank you CD
Anyway give me a shout if you are interested
Cheers Ian
2011/5/4 6:38:29
Trevor and Rogers Video Album Promo Cheers John
2011/5/3 11:38:06
Trevor and Rogers Video Album Promo Emily wrote:
Marketing genius! I can confirm that this album is *$&%ing great

OMGIn LoveKissinghug Thank you Emily Toast
2011/5/3 11:29:52
Trevor and Rogers Video Album Promo freakmoomin wrote:

Cheers Avast!
2011/5/3 6:50:58
Trevor and Rogers Video Album Promo Haha Thanks Mysto ..There is a link from the first page of the web site .. The distribution company is American but they got me my copy through in around 6 days. It may be on itunes and Amazon later but that costs money to set up.
Cheers Ian
2011/5/2 21:43:25
Trevor and Rogers Video Album Promo These guys have no idea of how to promote an album ... but they try hard
2011/4/21 9:34:54
Music Album using Muvizu Artwork Emily wrote:
Congrats on a great review - and you deserve it!

Had a wee listen and it's great stuff!

My head was nodding throughout.

Apart from the one about the dentist, I had to skip over that one...

Haha Thank you Emily .. That Desmond the Dentist will get you every time ...I bet it was the drill sound effects LOL.
Cheers Ian
2011/4/20 16:16:46
Music Album using Muvizu Artwork claireq wrote:
That review is pretty awesome! Applause

Thank you Claire ..and I didn't have to pay him so that was a result :O)
2011/4/20 13:22:21
Music Album using Muvizu Artwork artpen wrote:
Top stuff, I'm chuffed for you mate, nice to see talent shine

That really is too kind Cool but thankyou Arty
2011/4/20 10:38:45
Music Album using Muvizu Artwork Thanks Guys
Yes I'm really pleased with that ...I just have to work out how to best publish the audio book .. most sites are like reverb nation and have a cap on the streaming file size ... the whole work including the music and read passages runs to just over 1.5 hours... I guess it's not strictly an audio book either as it contains the whole album so it's more along the lines of Jeff Waynes War of the Worlds (Oh I wish)... Mmmm it needs some head scratching but I'm sure it will find a home.
Cheers Ian
2011/4/19 18:30:36
Music Album using Muvizu Artwork Wow ..the album and artwork just got a big thumbs up from Nick Testa over at MCS and he knows his stuff
"I received my copy last night....

All I can say is "Fucking Brilliant"!

It brings back memories of some of my favorite bands. That whole Mott The Hoople, Small Faces, Bowie, T-Rex. Don't get me wrong, this is pure Stonehinged. Not a bad song on this CD.

I love the flow. The live feel. The story!!!!

You owe it to yourself to pick up this great CD.

Some of my favorite cuts - Desmond, Earthman, Fading from view, Rocking in a rubber room and Bath time spider!

The whole CD comes across as a complete work of art. Not to mention the cover art and CD look great!

Good job to all! Congratulations!

2011/4/5 10:49:51
Music Album using Muvizu Artwork Luscan wrote:
Good use of the word Stygian. Top marks.

2011/4/4 11:54:06
Music Album using Muvizu Artwork The Stonehinged Album is released today with it's Muvizu generated artwork ..The print looks great and the music is pretty good too. The web site is 90% finished .. Not enough hours in the day :O)

Cheers Ian
2011/3/29 0:09:37
Music Album using Muvizu Artwork Danimal wrote:
Simply awful.

Well, not really, but I just wnated to be different. Looks really cool!

Hahaha ....Taaaa
2011/3/28 21:54:38
Music Album using Muvizu Artwork Cheers Arty jon and ziggy ...Much appreciated :O)
2011/3/28 17:12:29
Music Album using Muvizu Artwork Hey thanks mysto and Dreeko ..sadly I remember those comic days too Hahaha ... a very cool comparison indeed

Cheers Ian
2011/3/28 16:33:10
Music Album using Muvizu Artwork Cheers all..I hope it looks good when I get the proof copy
2011/3/28 15:02:47
Music Album using Muvizu Artwork This is just a sneak peek at the album cover design for the new Stonehinged release. Vince was kind enough to grant permission to use Muvizu to create the cover scene. I have used characters from my Bathtime Spider and Desmond the Dentist videos as both tracks are on the album and added a few more based around the other songs that I can develop more animated videos for ...soon I hope

The album is now released and available at the site below along with the complete Trevor and Roger story soon to be an audio book
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