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2010/10/21 15:08:04
Excellent new non-Muvizu animation Blimey that either a fantastic anti drugs film ..... or I will never touch another lolly..... really good either way
2010/10/12 17:10:28
Favourite ever cartoon? Wow I cant believe no one has mentioned the incredible "Earthworm Jim" ...Just so good

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2010/9/16 21:50:04
Vertigo It's also on MSN if the youtube is dead me vertigo in my chair
2010/9/10 20:21:23
Importing from Google Sketchup Cheers JIm ...Looking forward to them ...have a good weekend
2010/9/10 20:20:01
Tipp-Ex promotion on Youtube Very cool advertising there ... fantastic work
2010/9/9 19:36:33
ASE import Hi Than
Jim told me a trick to get over the colour selection ...basically you import and select "use ID Textures" then the box is a much smaller version.
As to the other problem of disappearing faces and textures on reload I'm afraid I get exactly the same however Jim has posted today saying there is an update coming soon to fix it ...I have been using the pink strange looking models as place holders and reloading them when I am ready to render ...a bit of a bugga but the render is fine

Good luck Ian
2010/9/9 12:50:20
ASE import Great stuff Jim thanks
I have just had some success with imported ASE's but I had to set them up before rendering... the ouput was fine.

Cheers Ian
2010/9/8 16:06:35
will this program run on vista glasgowjim wrote:
Hi Stonehead,

Whenever I run Muvizu on my laptop I need to sit the rear corners of it on coasters so that it has proper airflow - the joys of mobile PC use.


Haha I think I will have to go and sit in the fridge for my next project LOL
2010/9/7 22:23:08
I Need and Animator Hi John
I just spent some time on your site and your films and upcoming projects look very cool indeed. Sorry I cant really help with the animation as I have entered the Raindance comp myself...I have only recently found this software but it seems a great way of giving my music a decent visual appeal on Youtube relatively quickly. I have a couple of animations up if you fancy a look but most of my work is in music.
Good luck Ian
2010/9/6 20:06:03
will this program run on vista Hi Guys
Just for information ..I am able to run the program ..all be it in a rather kangaroo fashion with complex sets on my 4 year old laptop with the following specs

Toshiba A100 Laptop
Intel Dual Core CPU
T5500 @ 1.6GHz
2 GB of RAM
NVidia GeForce Go 7300
Windows XP service pack 3

HD takes rather a lot of patience though and I had an overheat shut down last week... all fun
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2010/9/6 19:47:27
ASE import Nope ..I must still be doing something wrong ..the colours are still missing on reload and now several of the model sections have vanished......hmmmmmm
2010/9/6 15:02:29
ASE import MMmmmm I just went back to the project and it has lost all the colour selections ...bugga

Hahaa I really should read all the posts ....problem answered above
edited by Stonehead on 9/6/2010
2010/9/6 14:05:16
ASE import Cheers for the quick reply Jim ... Perfect ..I can access the colour panels now
2010/9/5 21:18:14
ASE import Yep I've been playing with this too ...I have the problem that when an object has too many colour options the selection panel/window is too large and runs off the bottom of the screen with no scroll option there a way round this
2010/8/9 7:58:27
video to a song Hi Alan

It is quite possible ...I am a song writer and I have just produced a vid for one of my projects ...It took me a full day but that included learning the software from scratch...a little clunky but fun....just dive in and do it
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