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2014/6/27 16:10:34
page 1 out of ... Super helpful and I'll totally do it! Thanks InsaneHamster!
So I'll mark this as "checked".
Let's see what else we can do to improve this thing.
I hope you all be honest, you don't need to say things so as my feelings won't be hurt.
I really need the truth here.
Thanks againCool
2014/6/27 14:40:41
page 1 out of ... Oh thanks Ziggy for your quick reply (I like Zoidberg btw!).
I'll check the topic out and I'll practise.
I recorded the dialog with an android app and as I have little experience with audio editing, I just denoised it with soundforge. I don't know if there is a way to fix this noise that comes from talking close to the microphone, or the "sounds like a cave" issue. Would you suggest purschasing a microphone? There are some other characters coming and your opinion on voice changing (maybe), that still seems normal ( I mean not like a robot or somathing like that) would be helpful as well.
Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks
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2014/6/27 13:44:28
page 1 out of ... Hello there! This is an attempt of animating a comic very famous in my country.
I couldn't achieve to picturize the exact figures though the script remains the same. There's a guy that has just died and has his first conversation with an angel. The dialog is in greek and recorded by me and my husband. I would really need some advice about the audio while I advise YOU to be careful with your playback device while watching.
I 'd appreciate opinions, argue, advice, suggestions.
I know I have to do something with 1) the audio, 2) the backdrops that are so obvious, 3) the shadowing and lighting, 4)camera angles, movement etc.

I can write down the dialogue but let's see if the character actions are convincing enough.
There you go

Thanks anyway
2014/5/22 17:47:27
how can I make a character pop up and disappear? I tried a lot to find a way to make this scene with one of my characters popping up and then disappearing like magicians do but couldn't make it.
Any ideas?
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