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2016/11/3 13:12:29
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Indeed very well put together,it seems he made an ass of himself, I thought it was very good,it even made my pet macow laugh!
2016/11/2 14:50:22
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Yes everything thing you mentioned are the things I'm working on, the picture are just to show what I'm working on, not sure when it will be in the store but I'm hoping this will work out. I feel that this is something much needed!
2016/11/2 2:10:30
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Here's an idea that I have. Got it when I was working on a new Alien Grey video, I wanted more of a depth look to the background without using the plain 2d backdrops,so I thought about making low poly 3d backdrops, and this is what I did for Alien Grey, so I thought it might be a good idea to have this sort of thing in the store, not sure if everyone would like the idea, I took a picture to show what they look like, the scene I made in Alien Grey looks incredible using these,snyways just wanted to get everyone s take on the idea!
To give another idea what these backdrops can really be used for here's s night scene.
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2016/10/30 7:36:52
More Star Wars? Now for the Main Hero, I worked all day on this just to get the textures right, anyways this is Rey,now that I finally finished her I can start on others
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2016/10/29 16:39:14
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries Nice, but be careful he may be out next!
2016/10/29 8:47:03
More Star Wars? BB8 unit, this was the easiest one to make, but the textures was hard to find
2016/10/29 5:04:50
More Star Wars? Ok who shot number F899?
2016/10/29 4:59:11
More Star Wars? And of course every star wars needs a Sith Lord, here is Kylo Ren
2016/10/29 4:54:51
More Star Wars? Also finished up a First Order Storm Trooper, complete with shield and Blaster.
2016/10/29 4:48:40
More Star Wars? Ok I did a little bit more editing on Phasma to give her a more girl figure,should look better now
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2016/10/29 3:01:42
More Star Wars? That figures, well the way the suit looks in the pictures it hides her boobs, and I did use the girl character to make this,and uh...he..he..he,her boobs stuck out through the chest plate,so I had to l adjust it back in studio max, I'm just going by design, anyways from what I hear her suit will be more curvey if you know what I mean.
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2016/10/29 0:25:21
More Star Wars? In 3d studio I used shaders to make it shine chrome, but for some reason muvizu just isn't allowing the shaders to work, unless I'm missing something.
2016/10/29 0:14:56
More Star Wars? PatMarrNC wrote:
you should make a tutorial about how you make this stuff!

Perhaps I will one day,but only how to the attachments, a modeling tutorial would take some time, and plus I never done a tutorial before
2016/10/29 0:06:37
More Star Wars? But she dose have another suit that she will be wearing in the next movie that has more of a curvey look, look through the pics you will see one that she is wear in it.
2016/10/29 0:02:22
More Star Wars? ziggy72 wrote:
Nice texturing, but isn't she a bit flat chested to be a female stormtrooper? I'm thinking her chest plate could be a bit more like this...

Well in the movie she wasn't a very curvey woman, I assume she's is one of those manley looking women, I used these pics as reference.
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Here is a picture of the woman who plays Phasma.
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2016/10/28 21:12:19
More Star Wars? Thanks Pat, there's more to come!
2016/10/28 21:03:16
More Star Wars? Ok I just finished the first female Storm Trooper for Muvizu, Captain Phasma. Another character for my new spoofs.
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2016/10/26 16:08:16
A Finger Pistols Are Dangerous Scene Pick Thanks Pat, yea he really fits the parts, Right now I'm working some more scripts for the next few scenes, going by my old story I wrote back in my high school days but changing it up a bit, anyways you'll love the open scene, have an old Marshall man singing the theme song and then tells the story that being s the show.
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2016/10/25 20:07:50
A Finger Pistols Are Dangerous Scene Pick Hey everyone,I'm posting the Saloon scene from my upcoming Finger Pistols Are Dangerous to show that it's still in production and boost up sales for my saloon set that's in the store, it's only part of the Saloon scene, don't want to give the whole thing away, well heres the video
also I want to point out that Marckennedy is playing the parts of Robo James, Quick Jack, and Wild Bill Hiccup, he is doing a really excellent job!
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2016/10/25 16:05:06
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Just to let everyone know that my new Tropical Bird set Talking with Key Frame is known available in the store, I made a bit of a change to the beaks since I showed the last video, now they have multiple beak attachments to the head which makes easier to use, I even edit the timeline for the new beaks, and left the timeline in tact so it can be studied to learn from, but the song had to be token out due to copyrights but it can be downloaded and added again, the name of the song is the Lion sleeps tonight, anyways here's the link to the new Tropical Birds
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