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2016/8/11 0:32:23
Tropical birds: test 1 (The Bird the word) mindiflyth wrote:
Would there be a way to swap the wings for dino-claws? Because with this sort of anatomy it seems like it's just a short jump from birds to a T-rex, and once dinosaurs are an option I think people will go crazy with them.

Ideas Strikes Hard on this forum, man...another one to consider ikes, the way things are going finger pistols will take longer then I thought, so I guess inspiration will lead to a better muvizu way of life, I like dinos to!
2016/8/11 0:16:35
Tropical birds: test 1 (The Bird the word) Yea it could be possible, depends how well everyone likes them.
2016/8/10 23:55:00
Tropical birds: test 1 (The Bird the word) ikes wrote:
WOW Clay! Very nice I love the style of them! You used the original eyes?

thanks ikes, it wasn't really hard, really didn't have to make all of the attachments that large, only made them 8th of the size of the original character, but I'm glad you liked them, hearing that from you is great!
2016/8/10 23:49:29
Tropical birds: test 1 (The Bird the word) The attachments for the wings is the left, and right arm, the torso and tail is all one peace and it's attached to the back slot, also for the head I made it and the beak all one peace and is attached to the facemask slot, the feet or talons is attached to the left,and right foot, for the XYZ well I made everything pointing to the X axis but when I import them into muvizu i still had the adjust them to better fit so you can't see the character body parts underneath, still working on hiding the hands though!
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2016/8/10 23:35:42
Tropical birds: test 1 (The Bird the word) Thanks Pat, I'm adding more to the set, the ones you see now is a female blue Macaw, a male Cockatoo, and a male toucan, I own a semi color male macaw, his name is RIO!
2016/8/10 23:23:11
Tropical birds: test 1 (The Bird the word) Here my version of some Tropical Birds that I'm working on, yep ikes inspired me because I love birds, so the credit still goes to ikes for the bird idea, I'm just adding to the creation and I still encourage everyone to buy his birds set from the store because it's a prefect addition to any ones cartoons!

I'm still working on the wings so these are not the final creations, and I'm adding more birds.
2016/8/10 0:05:06
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) good Job Rocque, keep up the good work!
2016/8/9 16:54:00
Oculus VR experience expansion pack launched! Awww....yes... I been waiting for this idea to come along, will it be compatible with the oculus DK2, because that's the version I have and it works really well with the unreal engine, I been making games for it using the unreal engine for personal projects, this will give me the edge I need to start a kickstarter project!
2016/8/9 16:45:12
Birdies! ok thanks ikes,you inspired me with this!
2016/8/9 4:27:30
Birdies! Ikes what part of the arm did you attach the wings to?
2016/8/8 17:10:52
Chicken test from Sinister I'm all For This Idea.... everyone......ikes for mogul..mogul...mogul...mogul..ikes ol buddy I think you would be a great asset to the forum and muviu as one of the members in rank!
2016/8/7 23:15:04
The most Ridiculous Road Trip Ever! Thanks pat, just trying to come up with different tricks to use in finger Pistols, when I get to that horse chase scene when the hero chases the train, I have to think ahead so I'll be ready for when that time comes, using objects to simulate parallax backgrounds while on horseback will
make a really convincing scene!
2016/8/7 22:57:50
The most Ridiculous Road Trip Ever! Rocque wrote:
I just watched this on YouTube about an hour ago. It was really fun. I left a comment there. You have a gift of putting your humor into your animations. I really hope to be able to do that one day, too. It reminded me of something you would see on a television sitcom. Nice work.

Thanks Rocgue, it's a pleasure to get good comments from you, I'm glad you enjoy my videos, just wait til Finger pistol gets done.
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2016/8/7 22:54:47
The most Ridiculous Road Trip Ever! Thanks ikes

yea I did a rush job on that, this wasn't even suppose to be a cartoon, my girlfriend wanted to be in a cartoon so I took everything put it together really quick and we add the voice overlays, I drew the wheels in and animated them in spriter pro and threw it into the works.
2016/8/7 19:47:28
Birdies! Nice ikes, did you use sinister to make them to?
2016/8/7 19:16:11
The most Ridiculous Road Trip Ever! Hey everyone, this video was meant to experiment with new techniques that I want to use in Finger Pistols for the horse chase scene with the train, I model a car to use for this experiment, the idea was to create a moving background to simulate that the car is moving, not only using Backdrops with the animation feature, I wanted to use moving objects with the Key frame feature to create a parallax effect, so far it seems to be a good idea but still needs to be improved a bit more, my girlfriend was in town and she seen what I was doing and wanted to take part in the cartoon, so I made a cartoon out of it and made it ridiculous!

We played as ourselves and I also played as the cop, the old lady, and the old man, oh and excuse my speech, I'm adjusting to my new dental work...Lol!
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2016/8/4 21:52:48
Second video, Minions styled characters.... Oh yea i almost forgot, the one eyed minion, well his eye is the only one that can't be animated!
2016/8/4 21:51:01
Second video, Minions styled characters.... A while back I tried to make a minion for a video I was going to make, but for some reason they just didn't look right with long legs,with many tries of different model peaces that I have made, I came up with a few that came real close to looking good, and the only ones that works for attachments for the characters, so since I never really used them and I seen this topic, I figured I would share them here, maybe someone can make them work for what they want to do.

Here's picture of the minions I have made.

Here's the link to the set

And here is the link to the model attachments

As you can see I made a body and a head as two different attachments,and I rounded the ends for better mesh collision that makes them look better attached to each other, I also made a opening for the mouth and I added black to the inside of the goggles so it will better blend with the eyes, I tested them with all of the actions and they work really well with most of them, but there are some that don't work well with them, so you would have to play around with the actions to see which one work, anyways Hope this helps, and I'm sorry that I never realized anyone really needed them.

2016/8/3 21:05:14
Chicken test from Sinister WOW..good show ol chap, it seems you got it going buddy, really good work, you get a set in the store let me know, I'll buy a copy!
2016/8/2 1:00:20
Chicken test from Sinister Wow, That's really good, tell ya what you make a whole set of chickens for the store, I'll buy a copy, because i'ts brilliant!
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