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2016/8/7 19:47:28
Birdies! Nice ikes, did you use sinister to make them to?
2016/8/7 19:16:11
The most Ridiculous Road Trip Ever! Hey everyone, this video was meant to experiment with new techniques that I want to use in Finger Pistols for the horse chase scene with the train, I model a car to use for this experiment, the idea was to create a moving background to simulate that the car is moving, not only using Backdrops with the animation feature, I wanted to use moving objects with the Key frame feature to create a parallax effect, so far it seems to be a good idea but still needs to be improved a bit more, my girlfriend was in town and she seen what I was doing and wanted to take part in the cartoon, so I made a cartoon out of it and made it ridiculous!

We played as ourselves and I also played as the cop, the old lady, and the old man, oh and excuse my speech, I'm adjusting to my new dental work...Lol!
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2016/8/4 21:52:48
Second video, Minions styled characters.... Oh yea i almost forgot, the one eyed minion, well his eye is the only one that can't be animated!
2016/8/4 21:51:01
Second video, Minions styled characters.... A while back I tried to make a minion for a video I was going to make, but for some reason they just didn't look right with long legs,with many tries of different model peaces that I have made, I came up with a few that came real close to looking good, and the only ones that works for attachments for the characters, so since I never really used them and I seen this topic, I figured I would share them here, maybe someone can make them work for what they want to do.

Here's picture of the minions I have made.

Here's the link to the set

And here is the link to the model attachments

As you can see I made a body and a head as two different attachments,and I rounded the ends for better mesh collision that makes them look better attached to each other, I also made a opening for the mouth and I added black to the inside of the goggles so it will better blend with the eyes, I tested them with all of the actions and they work really well with most of them, but there are some that don't work well with them, so you would have to play around with the actions to see which one work, anyways Hope this helps, and I'm sorry that I never realized anyone really needed them.

2016/8/3 21:05:14
Chicken test from Sinister WOW..good show ol chap, it seems you got it going buddy, really good work, you get a set in the store let me know, I'll buy a copy!
2016/8/2 1:00:20
Chicken test from Sinister Wow, That's really good, tell ya what you make a whole set of chickens for the store, I'll buy a copy, because i'ts brilliant!
2016/7/28 0:42:07
help - biting off more than computer can chew.. PatMarrNC wrote:
how do you determine the power supply requirements?

the specifications are on the box that it came in, but i went to geek squad and got advice, I already had a 750 they said it wouldn't hurt it so I installed it anyways, so far its all good!

other then the 500 would of worked fine.
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2016/7/27 23:42:10
help - biting off more than computer can chew.. it runs a lot faster!
2016/7/27 23:34:31
help - biting off more than computer can chew.. PatMarrNC wrote:
do you see a noticeable difference?
Did you have to upgrade your power supply to drive the graphics card?

useful benchmark /price chart for anybody looking to swap graphics cards
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Yep I upgraded the power supply from 500 to a 750
2016/7/27 21:29:38
help - biting off more than computer can chew.. I only upgraded the graphics card

i had a AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series
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2016/7/27 21:25:30
help - biting off more than computer can chew.. PatMarrNC wrote:
but that was before I upgraded my computer,

so... what did you get? We all wanna know...

(total specs)

lol.. if you want to know, it isn't really much though but ok

GRAPHICS CARD Nvidia GeForce GTX 970

PROCESSOR Intel Core i7-6700K

STORAGE 1TB, 7,200-rpm hard drive
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2016/7/27 18:15:33
help - biting off more than computer can chew.. I had the same problem with the Saloon scene in Finger Pistols, but that was before I upgraded my computer, so what I did was I made a copy of the Saloon scene set, in the copy set I kept all of the cameras and characters in the same positions but I deleted half of the characters, I then went and changed the textures to most of the set to green, and I made the render of the shoot, then I went back to the Original set and kept all of the cameras and characters in the same positions and deleted the other half of the characters and I didn't change the textures to the set, and I made the render to that shoot, when I did it this way it made everything much faster and easy to work with, Ok now the next thing that I did was I went into hitFilm and imported both clips to the scene original and copy with the green textures, now I dragged the original clip to the timeline and made it composite shot, now in the composite shot tab I dragged the copy clip with the green texture into it's timeline but i placed it over the the original clip making it the only scene visible, in the effects tab I dragged the green screen effect to the copied clip and now I have both scene as one scene again, its a lot work yea but it did the job for me, but now my computer is faster and stronger and i no longer do it this way, well maybe when I do special effects, this method could be useful to some people.
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2016/7/24 21:54:08
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) I usually go camping on our independence day,
So here's my entry

It's true I tried to cook a corn over
The campfire but burned,so instead I turned
It into popcorn!

Excuse the typing, I'm on my phone.
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2016/7/24 18:37:55
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) Wow, did I miss something, now we have another Competition,
20 seconds,I could try,but the way I work I would get carried away and make it too long,
Nice prizes to,maybe I could do something.
2016/7/19 6:29:41
Speed Boat Tease Thanks for the kind words patt, I'm taking breaks from Finger Pistols to throw in some short videos so no one will forget,I made this video when for some strange reason I was thinking what it would be like to be stranded on a desert Island, told my brother about it and he laugh, he said you go get stranded on one, and he'll wait about 15 years and he would drive up in a boat and tease by telling random things that I would miss and then drive off....Lol, he inspired me so I made this, He's also helping with funny idea for finger pistols, told him I'm still waiting on voice actors and a few other thing.
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2016/7/19 5:11:06
Speed Boat Tease Well he could if the Island is still there, or the Volcano goes, it's my pleasure to share my videos dudette, I'm sure I'll share more!

Thanks to Rodrisilva for shring his animated ocean!
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2016/7/19 4:32:41
Speed Boat Tease Here's a little video about a castaway that's been stranded on a Desert Island for 15 years, and now It's volcano is about to explode, to make things more frustrating a speed boat drive keeps coming by teasing him when all he want's is to rescued before the Island is destroyed.

2016/7/15 17:05:11
after the recent Make Me Laugh competition, Ziggy said:
I take it the splattered blood at 1:44 is HitFilm? Very cool!

Yup - anything really cool looking is HF

at this point I want to ask what specific features/details in your video were done in hitfilm ?

In my video:
  • song lyrics were added as composite shots (which gave me great flexibility to drag and position them wherever I wanted)
  • closing credits made with a built-in template for scrolling credits
  • the final "as this memory fades" scene in which a background layer fades out... was powered by HITFILM
although I could have done the same things with my previous editing software, HF made it easy.

I use Hitfilm 2 Ultimate for the effects you seen in my Star wars Spoofs!
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2016/7/14 22:09:05
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) Hey Rocque remember my flipbook I made on finger pistol the next issue will have all of the voice acters name in it, if you want to look at it again hers a link
2016/7/14 22:02:37
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) PatMarrNC wrote:
clayster2012 wrote:
Ok winners I just sent you your prizes, check your emails and messages!

let me know if everything goes well
if not then message me

I'd like to surrender my prize to Rocque in appreciation for her diligence and willingness to take risks in this contest!

But don't worry, I'll get all 3 sets in the store. I don't mind supporting the arts. ;-)

(I'll forward the DL link to her)

Your a good man Patt, thanks, because she really deserves it, Hey Rocque your going to be in my Finger Pistols Video, yep we'r
going to make some people smile together!
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