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2016/7/14 6:20:59
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) since nobody els came forward with anymore entries, the time is over, I will be posting the winners on this topic about 1:pm central time, the reason for that time is because two of my other judges are late, but the rest of the judges have already made their judgment on the entries,

On another note, I have sent a ticket to Jamie to see if there was anyway they could make it possible to give my winners the download button to the sets in the store, that way they could have unlimited access to the set, sad to say that it couldn't be possible,
He told me that I would have to send my winners a download link to the sets, so this is what i need from all of the people who entered the contest, i will need your email address so I send the link to the prizes to the winners, just message me.

thanks everyone.
2016/7/14 6:02:15
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) Rocque wrote:
If Ziggy did not finish we should wait for his entry. He was doing a lot of work on it, and I really want to see how it turns out.

ziggy already submit his, and I already have it
2016/7/14 1:30:52
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) Ok everyone, we now have 5 entries, me and my judges will be looking over all of the entries tonight, but we wont start til after midnight, so if anyone out there still has an entry you still have time to submit it, we will reveal the winners tomorrow at 1:00 pm central Time, also I may need everyone who entered the contest to message me their email address so I can email who ever wins the download link to their prizes.

Thank you.
2016/7/13 15:16:47
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) Ok everyone we still only have 4 entries, we need at least one or more by 12 midnight, as you know we do have 1st, 2snd, and 3rd place prizes, if yaw feel we need to extend the contest a few more days, then post your comment, my judges from other forums are waiting for more entries.
2016/7/13 6:29:17
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting Rocque wrote:
I got the suspicious attack warning and was unable to download the e-book. Can you save it as a .pdf?

Yea sorry about that, i think its 4share, but its ok i got you covered, try this link it should take you to the e-book magazine.
2016/7/12 16:24:18
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting Rocque wrote:
If no one else wants Daisy Duke, I will do both, and try my best to make them sound different, or maybe they can be related. HA.

I may have someone for that part, my sister is considering her roll, she haves a wow country voice, but I'm starting to put together your lines for Jamie Jane, shes about to enter the saloon scene to give Jake a hero thanks and warns him about Red Dead's gang and what they have done, But it seems that she will be falling for him.
2016/7/12 16:14:24
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) if Ziggy gets his in time tomorrow then we should have a fair amount of entries to judge.
2016/7/12 16:11:27
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) PatMarrNC wrote:
do we have 5 contest entries yet?

if not, is there anyone out there who is still working on an entry? As I recall, from the beginning when the topic came up there were only 7 people who expressed an interest in a contest if the prize consisted of assets

We only have 4 entries so for.
2016/7/11 21:21:39
Another finger Pistols Crack up " Indian Name" ritsmer wrote:
Brilliant idea!
Perfectly "served"

thanks for the kind words ritsmer!
2016/7/11 21:20:17
Another finger Pistols Crack up " Indian Name" mysto wrote:
I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with! If you need any help just let me know, I've been known to come up with a fart joke or two during my Muvizu career. Farting Lizard... LOLOLOL!!!

thanks mysto I'll keep that in mind!
2016/7/11 16:32:41
Realistic Water Fall it's in the store now!
2016/7/11 16:27:53
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting Update: I added another character to the characters list, "Riding Bull" so if anyone wants the roll just post, also still need someone to play Daisy Duke.
2016/7/11 15:49:26
Another finger Pistols Crack up " Indian Name" There's many laughs to come!
2016/7/11 5:43:42
Another finger Pistols Crack up " Indian Name" PatMarrNC wrote:
maaaaaaan, that is wrong wrong wrong on so many levels! LOL!

yet, I like it. ;-)

Lol..His dad's name is Farting Lizard!
2016/7/11 5:17:37
Another finger Pistols Crack up " Indian Name" here is another crack up, i just love making people laugh.


2016/7/11 3:00:38
Realistic Water Fall AllClass wrote:
No idea how you made that but i'll be interested as soon as its avail!

I already uploaded it to the store, may be there tomorrow.
2016/7/10 18:03:13
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) UPDATE: ok if I get up to Five or more entries then the contest will not need to be extended, in this case on the last day I need everyone who entered the contest to reset their videos on public view in youtube, this way i can post all of the winners here on the forum, this will prevent any violations with youtube.

thank You!
2016/7/10 17:55:01
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) Now I have Four entries, anymore let's bring them!
2016/7/10 16:39:23
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) Ok everyone, I now have three entries to the contest, three more days left, if you think you need more time then let me know, and i'll extend it, got to at least have 5 or more entries.
2016/7/10 6:15:33
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) Rocque wrote:
ikes wrote:
Hi Clayster,

I have a movie ready for the competition, but where to upload it?
Do I upload the movie through my account so it ends up in the gallery for everyone to see, or do I have to upload the movie somewhere else only for you to see it?

Like to hear from you..


I uploaded mine on YouTube as Unlisted. I chose that over Private, since it would not even show up in search results, and I wanted it to be only seen by Clayster and who he shares the link with.

I am enjoying the added threads to this topic about entering for the opportunity to go out of our comfort zones and just create something for the sake of creating something. I am happy to be finished and thinking about the next one, but my available time is shrinking fast, however animating is such a nice escape from the real world where laughing seems to be more difficult these days without offending someone. (Hopefully I did not offend someone by saying that....see what I mean?)

Thanks for that Rocque, i was wondering weather it was privet or unlisted, but yea submit it that was and message me the link.
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