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2016/5/16 18:32:54
Alien Grey (Cow Abduction 2) To let everyone know, I am selling "The Basher", it's that big hammer Contraption that alien grey whipped up to bash Spunk the dog, it contains two versions, one that's just a prop for scenery, and one that is in three peaces and put together with Key Frame animation so you can see how it really works, so if anyone would like a copy it is now available in the store, it will make a great addition to any cartoon that contains traps and gags.

here's picture

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2016/5/14 21:04:29
Alien Grey (Cow Abduction 2) ziggy72 wrote:
Creepy little bugger, isn't he? And I've never seen an alien with a moustache before... It's good, but Pat's right, you would benefit from a bit of 'compression' to speed up the edits and titles a bit. Also, I would have sped up the footage of the Grey creeping up on the cows (at 2:30), since the Muvizu run cycle is a bit slow looking in this case.

I agree to, but at the time I had to make an intro that would length up to the song, and to make a scene for each verse,but Patt is working on a shorter one to help me shorten the intro.
2016/5/14 20:59:46
Alien Grey (Cow Abduction 2) PatMarrNC wrote:
Wow Clayster, that was AWESOME! I think you've found your niche here! It really is reminiscent of the roadrunner/coyote videos from the 60s!

Your models are all so good, (LOVED the double-hammered-dog-whomper and each of the devices your alien character tried to use)

The final scene in which a compressed alien rolls past and leaves the carton of milk was somewhat unexpected but totally enjoyed!

I think it was a good decision to put subtitles for the alien's conversation... otherwise you'd have to make his voice more easily understood, which wouldn't be as funny.

Rocque's voice acting for the cows was also good, easy to understand and full of personality!.
There were a couple of comments made by the dog that I didn't understand, even after going back a couple of time to listen again.

I think the opening theme needs to be shorter, so I'll remove one verse. Better yet, maybe it would be good to have each verse used as two separate intros so you don't have to use the exact same one every time. If you ever make a full blown 30 minute compilation of Alien Grey toons, then the two verse version would make more sense, but in a 7 minute production, using 3 minutes for intro and outtro seems disproportionate to me. Since you tend to make a lot of short episodes, you definitely need a shorter intro theme. (I'm on it. )

Once again.... EXCELLENT job my friend.. and VERY entertaining! Keep up the good work!

after a few more watches I have more comments.

I take it you're using HitFilm for the effects? Like the portals that open between universes? (Very cool). You have used a bunch of interesting effects in this, it will take me a while to wrap my head around what you're doing
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Thanks Patt, yes I am planing on doing 30 minute episodes, having the new version and the longer version will come in handy, and i will keep going on this Little guy, just hope he'll live through whats coming next....Lol!
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2016/5/14 7:37:59
Alien Grey (Cow Abduction 2) Well here it is everyone, part two to Alien Grey (Cow Abduction 2) His All mighty Leader Monar sends him back to Earth to bring back a cow so they can have Milk to go with those cookies, or he'll have to spend a whole year in the Lupnor minds.

Thanks to Classy Croc Productions for making the Alien Grey theme song.

thanks to Rocque for helping with the cow voices

Here is the video, enjoy

2016/5/13 14:19:52
Ghostbusters spoof canceled But there will be some items that I won't sell because they will be used through out the episodes, but the earth I'll be redoing for a better look, but the one in the pack still dose makes for a great scene in a cartoon.
2016/5/13 13:59:47
Ghostbusters spoof canceled ritsmer wrote:
Please consider me as one of your very first customers.

Coming from the "camera"-video world and practicing Muvizu for nearly a year now - it is quite a huge handicap not being able to draw a cat so that it does not look like a snail.
And so all your creatively made objects do encourage my ideas as to making Muvizu films.

Well I already have a pack in the store, and it dose contain the planet earth and the rocket from alien grey,if you would like those, later on after I finish part two I'll post some more.
2016/5/13 0:22:20
Ghostbusters spoof canceled ritsmer wrote:
Oh nice!
Such a set is a great basis and inspiration for future inventive ideas.
Thank you very much.

Btw. have you considered also posting something from the Alien Grey Cow abduction

Your more then welcome, I may release some of the Alien Grey models as I go, I already have tons of them, but I hope you don't mind pay a couple bucks as I will submit them to the store as a pay Item, I'm planning on Making the Digi Factor website based on animation with muvizu,
but need to raise the money for it, it will be a fun place to visit.
2016/5/12 18:09:59
Ghostbusters spoof canceled also to make things easy for you, here is the proton effect, its already to go just add it to your video, its in mp4 format.

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2016/5/12 18:00:22
Ghostbusters spoof canceled Hello everyone since this is a post about a video, I hope its ok to post this here since we don't have a fee asset topic, anyways I hate to inform everyone that I have decided to cancel the Ghostbuster spoof because I'm working on my own creations, but since I have decided this, I'm giving away a ghostbuster set pack, so I can take them off my computer, it will be in the store maybe by tomorrow because I just uploaded it,but here a link to the pack from 4share if you do not want to wait, I hope everyone will make use of this and I would love to see some good videos from this, and I know yaw can do it, because everyone here are very good muvizu animators, so please lets see someone bust some ghost!
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2016/5/11 14:28:55
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs ukBerty wrote:
I have a major issue with keyframing of objects.

You don't seem to be able to "tlit" objects at all. Once you have turned on keyframing for an object it will remain on the same plane.

So create a object (I'm using the fire extinguisher).
Turn on keyframing
Try to make the fire extinguisher fall over and you can't as you can't tilt anything.

This is a major restriction of the keyframing system (in fact it makes it a bit useless).

Am I missing something or is this a real issue ?

It works fine for me, Have you tried going into the properties for the object and uncheck the keep object up right, that could have something to do with it, then I'm not really sure if that's the case, but I always do anyways when I use the Key frame.
2016/5/9 1:14:18
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. Ok primaveranz, Im home and the version that I have on Milkshape3D 1.8.5, I use it for all of my easy models, this version has the ase export feature.
2016/5/8 21:41:44
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. There are several versions of milkshake 3d that can export to ase.I have one, when I get home I'll tell you what version I have, sorry can't remember off the top of my head
2016/5/8 14:20:39
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. Also the best way to do it without any problems is to just take all of your textures and edit them as one texture all together, maybe a bit too much but hey it works
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2016/5/8 14:17:00
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. the only format that will let you choose multi-texture that I know of so for is ase, convert your model to that but make sure you save it in the same folder you have your textures in, don't use texture and color combinations or you will get a messed up textured model, or you wont be able to move or edit to model, I use ase formats a lot and it seem to be the only one that works for me.
2016/5/4 19:02:31
Alien Grey (Cow Abduction) They are some great Idea PatMarrNC, and There is going to be more then just the cow thing, Im planning a lot for Alien Grey, and I may consider some of those Ideas, but part 2 for cow abduction is already in the works, I want alien Grey to be a loner who is always sent on crazy
missions from the High Supreme 'Monar" the leader of his planet, scenarios like abducting humans, stealing resources, spying on other planets for world domination, and some case related things that happen here on hearth, and more, so if you have any ideas of any of these scenarios that i have mention then pass them my way, and thanks buddy for your ideas so for!
2016/5/2 20:16:58
Alien Grey (Cow Abduction) Ok great artpen, I'll let you know thanks.
2016/5/2 17:22:42
Alien Grey (Cow Abduction) artpen wrote:
Great video clayster! Really great movie making.

I really liked the way you chose the music for the characters, it worked a treat, very nice staging and timing.

Yes, a lovely homage to the Loony Tunes era.

Keep em coming Clayster.


Hey artpen ol buddy long time no see.... how you been? anway glad you liked the toon, the Alien thing along with finger pistols are dangerous are now my primary goals, maybe from time to time Ill do more Star Wars Spoofs, but doing my own ideas is where I need to be, thanks to the encouragement from a good friend here on the forum, He knows he is and I owe him thanks for that, anyways pal I may need help on some good cartoon voices if you or anyone els is game, right now I'm writing the next Alien Grey episode and may need some voices to get it going, names will be in the credits, let me know, and if anyone els would like to help just message.
2016/5/2 6:24:27
Alien Grey (Cow Abduction) Rocque wrote:
That was really fun to watch. I know as a kid I would love it, and as a kid who never really grew up (at least I tried not to give up on that fun mindset), I really enjoyed your Alien Grey (Cow Abduction). The colors were well chosen for the cartoon atmosphere, and a lot of your props reminded me of Legos and now I want to use Legos in an animation for some models. I bet someone already has or will get there before I do.

Others have commented on the sound effects, and I agree with what has been said so far. I can not even begin to imagine how you created everything you did here. It makes me want to quit work, and just play. However then I would not have a home or electricity so I will give up on that idea for now.

I look forward to more Alien Grey. Never Give Up is one of my favorite sayings. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Rocque, you really touched me, yes never give up, how much I believe in that, and you just made me want to continue Alien Grey, thank you for the encouragement.
2016/5/2 4:13:04
Alien Grey (Cow Abduction) PatMarrNC wrote:
mysto wrote:
Great video! Kind of reminded me of Roadrunner and the coyote cartoons. Keep up the good work!

my thoughts exactly! You are doing some really cool stuff here Clayster! and in a bunch of different directions at the same time! Your models are very good, and your use of key framing is absolutely ground-breaking!

I liked the way you paid homage to Snoopy by having the dog lie on the top of his dog house

I also liked the way you made the alien peek out from behind things. Something about that is inherently funny!

And your turnaround time is very fast, which is one of my goals too... in the past few months, you've probably posted more clips than anybody.. and they've all been good! I identify strongly with your approach to story telling, so your works serves as a good model for me to emulate!

Keep up the good work!

Thanks PatMarrNC, Snoopy was one of my all time favorites as a kid and still is, and the Road Runner cartoons was also a favorite to, I wanted to do something that would bring back that old school feel by using all the same tricks that they used, sitting their watching them when I was growing up was my after school kill time, and man I miss those days, so what better way to experiment with the Key Frame by mimicking those tricks with models, so the next Alien Grey will have more tricks and gadgets.
2016/5/1 20:43:50
Alien Grey (Cow Abduction) ziggy72 wrote:
Nice job on recreating a cartoon, the keyframing really does allow a lot of freedom, don't it? The fun you can have... I liked the UFO taking off and exploding, nice shot. I would've used depth of field throughout though - mind you, I say that to everyone, but you should try using it more, it can really enhance shots like these, soften up the horizons and stuff. Just my opinion, not criticising.

It's ok criticising is just medicine to make it better
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