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2016/3/17 19:22:20
The 2nd Trailer to Empire tries to Kick their Butt Heres a picture of the work in progress of the At At scene, I loaded the models in seperet parts then put them back together in muvizu, then Im using the Key Frame to animate each part, so far its going really well, but going to take a lot of time to get it done, because the are three At Ats in this scene so wish me luck!

2016/3/17 19:17:17
The 2nd Trailer to Empire tries to Kick their Butt Hello everyone, just letting you know I'm still alive, and sorry for not posting in a while, Had a few problems, first my computer fried, had to build another, Had a hard time getting all of my backup files, took a long time to get my Cd Rom and DvD drive from Ebay, but all in all everything is falling back into shape, but I have to start over on the At At battle scene, so to keep the juices flowing I put together another short trailer, its has apart you already seen but added the first part to that, and added a glimps of Han and Chewy, so I hope it gives you an idea of how its going to look.
2016/3/9 16:21:26
Animated series - Episódio 1, 2, 3 e 4 Plugin not supported on this forum, can't see the videos.
2016/3/4 14:35:19
Update on Star wars Spoof ziggy72 wrote:
I like that MFalcon model, very well done. Where did you get them from?

My Sister made that one, she has it for sale on TurboSquid if you would like a copy. all of the x-wing is from me
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2016/3/4 6:05:26
Update on Star wars Spoof Hey everyone, sorry its been a while, had trouble with my PC, My Hard drive Fried, and the mother board suffered some damage, so I built me another Computer that's more faster and stronger, but due to the damage I lost a lot of The Empire Tries to kick their butts on Hoth files, but managed to salvage the first half of the spoof, so I started to rebuild the Hoth base Set but with better detail, and I'm pleased with the outcome so far, so just to show yaw that the project isn't dead here a few snapshots of the new set.

2016/2/10 15:16:30
Star Wars spoof ( Do or Do Not,there is no try) ritsmer wrote:
Is that fine little ****-house with the heart to find anywhere, please ?
Such things are always nice to have in the "utilities" drawer :- ))

Sure thing friend, here you go, anyone els is welcome to it, but remember I made in fbx format, so to get the best quality, use lighting with shading, I gave an example in the set, anyways enjoy!
2016/2/9 15:33:11
Star Wars spoof ( Do or Do Not,there is no try) Lol!
2016/2/8 18:57:01
Star Wars spoof ( Do or Do Not,there is no try) Another little spoof to laugh at, this time luke remembers everything that master yoda told him, and tries to use the force to lift the ship out of the swamp but fails, yoda tries to but his old age gets the best of him.

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2016/2/6 2:33:07
My New Star Wars Spoof (Let Him Have It) PatMarrNC wrote:
clayster2012 wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
I like the concept of "the FUNNY SIDE " of the force

What about "The Funny Side Awakens"?

I bet you could develop that into a pretty good spoof!

Already in the to do list.
2016/2/5 14:33:28
My New Star Wars Spoof (Let Him Have It) PatMarrNC wrote:
I like the concept of "the FUNNY SIDE " of the force

What about "The Funny Side Awakens"?
2016/2/3 15:12:44
My New Star Wars Spoof (Let Him Have It) Wabby wrote:
Poor Yoda !

Very nice video ! We want more

Lol..I'm not done with yoda yet, I have plenty more ideas!
2016/2/2 8:34:11
My New Star Wars Spoof (Let Him Have It) Heres another little quick spoof to keep the funny side juices flowing, in this quick spoof it starts from one of the scene from the Empire Strikes Back where luke is on Degaba, yoda wants that little flash light and R2 tries to take it from him, I use the funny side of the force to
give it a funny twist, so I hope you enjoy it real quick!

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2016/1/19 8:23:13
A good time at Jabba's (Han Solo:Born to be Wild) This is the secound episode of my music video series "A Good Time At Jabba's"
This features Han Solo sinsing on of my favorites, "Born to be wild"
2016/1/7 1:15:42
Quick & Dirty Quadraped workaround... Ok now you got me wanting to make indiana Jones spoof, know what, I will make a indiana Jones Spoof....Oh man I just had a Insperation Fart....:Lol!
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2016/1/5 6:50:38
Star Wars Spoof (The Dark Side Tickles) I use after effects to make the lightning, and I'm not sure what he used the to get those pitches the way he did, I'm not sure if he even knows that I posted the video and thanks for the comments.
2016/1/5 2:38:51
Star Wars Spoof (The Dark Side Tickles) My new Star Wars Spoof is Done, Thanks to the help of Artpen for doing all of the voices for me, you could say that he is the star, or stars of the spoof, I would like for everyone to give him a big hand for his performance, Thanks buddy, I hope to work with you again soon.

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2016/1/4 0:23:34
Coming Soon 2016 Thanks for the kind words PatMarrNC, your coming along great to, so I encourage you to keep up the good work, always look for new and better ways to make the best of what you have, even though they aren't made the way you wanted to be, but with your imagination and creative skill you shouldn't have any problems, you already showing some of the methods that I use.

cheers my good friend.
2016/1/3 22:05:06
Coming Soon 2016 Hey everyone, I just want to give you heads up that I'm making another Star Wars Spoof, this time with Help of Artpen, He is doing all of the voices for me this time, and he has done a really fantastic job so far, just waiting for two more lines for the ending short of The Emporer.

This spoof takes place when The Emporer tries to kill Luke skywalker with the force Lighting, but the old man is getting too old, and his powers isn't what they use to be..well enough said, so if artpen can get those two lines for me we will be done!

Arten just check your messages, the details of the last two lines are there!

Thanks buddy!
2016/1/3 17:06:20
Quick & Dirty Quadraped workaround... Great job man, I give you 5 Stars,Keep up the good work!
2015/12/30 2:54:31
I'm going crazy Ok I got v1.5. to work, but theres one problem, it wont let me load up my sets because they were made with the new version
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