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2015/12/22 7:29:11
Star Wars Smoking artpen wrote:
Lol, love it, your videos are just getting better and better clayster!

Makes me want to try and do a Star Wars spoof it does!

So funny, keep em coming

Well you know me I just love Star Wars, and I love to make people laugh about it, star wars has so many sides to it, and so many stories that needs to be told, it is endless, me I'm about the funny side of the force, I just seen episode 7, and I'm inspired, so there will be many more from me always, I'm still having trouble with the empire tries to Kick their Butts on Hoth though, can't get my set to load back up, I hope they do a patch real soon, anyways I'm glad you liked it.

May the funny side of the Force be with You!
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2015/12/22 6:24:17
Star Wars Smoking I'm not sure about how much adult content goes, but Here is another little Short I just made, only took an hour to make, it's about Darth vader, The Emporer, jabba the Hutt, and Yoda sitting around the Emporers throne room smoking Carp Nip(Weed) and fussing about who can smoke the most, this video dose have a little bad language in it so if your younger then me, then please don't!

Anyways enjoy!

2015/12/19 17:42:38
How to install ase exporter in sketchup! Sometimes I use 3d milkshape, it imports 3ds, obj, fbx, and some others, it also exports ASE formats, you can get it the free trial to us to export your objects, the version I use 1.8.5 it has the ASE exporter, Im sure there are some earlier versions that also has the exporter.
2015/12/18 20:57:09
Content store opens it's doors! Thanks MrDrWho13
2015/12/18 20:40:00
Content store opens it's doors! you know what would be really cool?
If it was possible for muvizuers to be able to sell their own content in the store as well, I been getting a lot of request to buy my sets,and I would really love to share them, and time to time I will share one are two,but there a lot of sets and characters that I worked really hard on, and the thought of selling my work has crossed my mind, but wondering what will every one expect to pay for my sets?
2015/12/18 17:22:06
Video On Hold Well it seems that with errors of loading objects with muvizu, and not able to load my set, which I'm considering a lost, I'll have to take out some of scene which has some of my funniest gags and redo them, but first I need to get rid of this flu, so I'm sorry to say that everything will be on hold until after christmas when Im feeling better to work on it more, until then my friends Merry Christmas!

2015/12/18 16:40:10
Buzzball Day 3 artpen wrote:
What can I say, Buzzball is on duty again guys! Whaaaaa? happy Xmas everybody enjoy

This is dedicated to Danimal

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edited by artpen on 17/12/2015

I loved your video man, it made me laugh, hope to see more soon!
2015/12/16 19:52:43
A Star Wars Christmas Short I'm glad everyone enjoyed it, it only took 30 minutes to make because I had everything premaid,I got the idea for the lighting by turning off my light in the living room and turned on the light in the hallway, I then took a picture of myself standing there casting the shadow, so it tried to create that in muvizu, and it seems to do well
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2015/12/16 14:23:04
A Star Wars Christmas Short Well even though I'm sick with the flu I wanted to get out a little Christmas Cheer, it's not my best but not bad for under 30 minutes in the making, so I hope it brings out a smile on your faces if not a laugh, so enjoy and Merry Christmas to you all!

2015/12/16 3:21:43
when trying to direct head and eye movements... Yea I have the same issue, but if you copy and paste the character it also works
2015/12/12 5:51:48
Star wars The Emperor Update:

Ok added a little red around the eyes, and gave him a darker look.

2015/12/10 0:06:13
Star wars The Emperor Thanks everyone, I'm taking every suggestions yaw gave me, more darker, more red around the eyes, and not too shiny, the shiny part is that I was trying to make it look like sweat only because of the idea I have for a video, but it dose seem a little too much, i'll edit the changes when I get home, and thanks for yaw suggestions.
2015/12/9 15:00:38
Star wars The Emperor I final finished the Emperor for my star wars spoofs, I hope to get to use him soon, maybe after I finish my upcoming video if i can get the set to load again, anyways let me know what yaw think, if I should edit him a little more.

2015/12/7 17:39:56
Record button grayed out when trying to direct When I add audio it always adds the audio for me without recording, add the audio and then switch to direct, don't push the record button, exit out direct then open up the timeline from tools, look and see if the audio shows up on the timeline, if it is then you'r set!
2015/12/6 20:36:30
installing MUVIZU to a USB drive... But couldn't you just ask for more uses for the licence key,I mean I bought the software, and there has been a time to where I ask for more uses on my licence key when I ran out, but it seems like we should get Unlimited uses, or do we have to have to buy the software again?
2015/12/5 5:59:30
new problem MrDrWho13 wrote:
Johan wrote:
Hi Guys,

Today it happened twice I lost several hours of work because my scene is NOT re-loaded !! I can not open it again! PFFfff

Muvizu says:

"There was an error loading the scene. Failed to load the object from the file."

End quote

BUT WHICH file is missing, it does not say !!

This is not funny and I never encountered this before.

What to do? Because I restarted today, and don`t want to do the same work again and loose it for the third time.


Technically your work should still be there, but you won't be able to access it before a patch is released. I suspect a patch will be coming in the next two weeks.
Sorry about that.

I'm having the same problem, tried everything that my computer smarts knew how to do, I'm like 65% done with "The Empire Tries to kick Their butts on Hoth" but it seems I'm going to have to put a hold on finishing it until a patch is done, darn I hate delays, but I faith in our muvizu programmers, they will over come this, and when they I'm adding a thanks in the ending credits!
2015/12/1 14:35:49
Please allow keyframing for Depth of Field Yea it works real good, I'm glad yaw added this feature, using it now for E.T.K.B.H.
2015/12/1 14:21:45
Publishing leads to black screen True that, I use Sony Vegas and after effects, if you make your videos too long you will get a black or a white screen, just find a good point in the video to split it in half using the Time line, then you will have a good picture.
2015/12/1 14:02:00
Publishing leads to black screen Yea that's what I do, for some reason it works better,and for windows 10, my brother and I have it, but when he downgraded back to 8.1, all of the same problems I have are nol.longer a problem, I'm thinking of doing the same after I finish my next video.
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2015/12/1 7:37:10
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