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2016/12/18 0:31:06
Star Wars Christmas Spoof ( Merry Christmas Father Lol thanks, Tony but I didn't enter in the contest!
2016/12/17 23:13:20
Star Wars Christmas Spoof ( Merry Christmas Father Thanks glad you it!
2016/12/17 22:51:04
Star Wars Christmas Spoof ( Merry Christmas Father Its been a whiles since I posted a video, thought I would go back and and do another Star Wars Christmas Spoof, didn't go too much in detail, wanted to get it out before Christmas, poor old Darth just trying to enjoy the Christmas party!

2016/12/16 0:20:40
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Here's a top view!

2016/12/15 23:50:15
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know I just uploaded my new set, its a cartoon style World War 2 Trench set complete with a bunker, and at Turret, hopefully it will be in the store tomorrow!

2016/12/12 18:40:48
More Star Wars? Sorry!
2016/12/12 4:22:26
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Anybody need medical transportation, made this on a request so I figured I would share it with everyone, should be in the store tomorrow!

2016/12/12 4:17:40
More Star Wars? Farscaper wrote:
I'm still mentally stuck on the horrendous teeth photo that started this topic. Thanks for the nightmares.

I have no idea how that was posted and I'm trying to figure that out, didn't notice it until you mentioned it, I'm going to do a ticket and see if it can be removed, and see how this could happen!
2016/12/11 7:56:28
More Star Wars? Getting old Friends back together again!

2016/12/11 7:47:27
More Star Wars? Two more additions to my star wars characters, Greedo and a Gamorrean Gaurd!

will soon be in my upcoming Christmas video a long other new characters!
2016/12/9 15:23:52
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... mindiflyth wrote:
Clayster, I didn't recognize you because of your new icon (I guess I scanned right by your name) and thought this city was created by somebody else! It looks amazing.

Thanks,the only problem is that it take a long time to load for most, so You maybe waiting a while if you load it up unless you have fast PC,Im thinking of away to do it in smaller sets!
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2016/12/9 1:43:23
CHRISTMAS CONTEST 2016 Well considering all my set backs, I'm am trying do another Star Wars Christmas spoof for the contest, if I don't get it done before the deadline,I'll at least have it done for Christmas, but I'm working hard to get it done!
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2016/12/7 19:49:56
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... I'll break it down to smaller scene sets, like the Burger Pot and the other buildings that have interior, then make a set for the 3D backdrops, then maybe take the rest of the buildings make sets for those, and then leave the streets in place and make it a layout set so everyone can place the buildings wherever they want....hmm let me think about this a little more!
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2016/12/7 19:45:19
regarding your cityscape:

My advice is to break it up into a bunch of smaller packages that people can arrange any way they want. At present it takes so long to load, very few people will be ABLE to use it. Even for those who get it opened once, they'll probably think twice about ever trying to open it again.

Most scenes require a more localized set... at most a double-sided street can be viewed at once. I think if you break it up unto street sets a lot more people will use it. You've put so much work into this it would be a shame if everybody can't use some part of it.

Yea I can do that but I would have to think a new design, any ideas?
2016/12/7 17:34:04
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... and your not the only one who said I looked like Burt Reynolds, I get that a lot even in public!
2016/12/7 17:30:54
Hey Clayster... your new avatar isn't a cartoon! You look like Burt Reynolds!

(Does your girlfriend look like Loni Anderson?)

LOL!.... I took a photo and turned it into a cartoon in Photo shop, well Tried to anyways, and uh no....I wished!
2016/12/7 16:00:37
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... I was hoping no one would have problem with it, it is a really big set and I may of gotten carried away with it but my creative juices took a hold of me, in the description I did mention that it may take a while to load and it may depend on your system, but I did notice that whenever something is running in the background it gotten a little choppy when I was working on it, but when I closed them out everything ran smooth, I assume that Jamie didn't have any problems with it when he moderated it or it wouldn't be in the store, also just in case no one read the description I did mentioned that it requires Key frame, that's because I used it like glue to hold things together without them bouncing away from each other, so if you don't have it then you will get errors and it wont load, but other then that I hope it's running well for everyone, and that they enjoying it!
2016/12/7 15:18:17
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Well I did mention in the description that it may take a while to load, on mine it took about 12 minutes,but when I closed google chrome it went from 60% to 100% in about 2 minutes, so yes I think if anything else running will cause it to load slow, I did it again with nothing else running and it took 8 minutes.
2016/12/7 8:09:32
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Hey every forgot to post this here, it's been in the store for a couple of day now, I know it maybe a long wait to load up, but for free it's well worth it, anyways enjoy!
2016/11/28 4:16:18
How I make a toon style Army Tank Farscaper wrote:
clayster2012 wrote:
No it's still supported, I had sent an email to the creator months ago asking if he was dropping milkshape due to rumors,He replied a week later after I had emailed that no he hasn't quit milkshape, it's just that he is so busy with college and work he hasn't time to do anymore updates, but he also told that he is planning to work more on milkshape when he gets the time, but then that was months ago,I'll email him again to see what's going On!
edited by clayster2012 on 27/11/2016

He must have been a child genius then, or else he's been in college for a decade. I want to buy the program but the site has been so devoid of life for at least five years that I think I'll hold off and perhaps just try learning the dozen other modeling programs I have yet to open. Ha.

Not really sure how long he's been working on it, just going buy what he told me, but I did ask him how long has he been working on it in the new email I sent him, yes because I been wondering that myself.
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