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2016/9/26 17:20:05
3D artists: Chubby bellies (and other parts) I have been messing around with the 3d allot myself lately .I saw that post you about tinkercard and that autodesk fbx exporter.Thank you!!Works way better for me than sketch up.Btw I you can also import objects from windows 3d Builder in to muvizu with AutoCad. I feel so dumb I just found out a few weeks ago that you if you hit the link button next to the scale button in muvizu it gives you more stretch options. I have been making things way harder on myself . so far I am working on heads and different props but yeah definitely opens up a lot more options! Ill try working on a Beefy Beer Belly this weeks. Working on heads right now and I made a pair of boobs For Mandi.

2016/9/23 0:27:58
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries ziggy72 wrote:
Speedking5 wrote:
Wow those were all really good I'm definitely going to do one! Ziggy that opening scene with the house looked amazing was that all lighting with muvizu or was it those luts effects that you say you add?

That was made a long time ago, with the beta version of Muvizu (with the old logo) and the standard Muvizu lighting. Muvizu has an amazing lighting system, but by default when you create a new set it goes to the 'simple' version, which looks like crap. Go to your Environmental settings, set it to Custom, turn off the ambient lighting and shadows, set the upper and lower ambient lighting to zero, and THEN begin lighting your set (with the lights set to 'cast individual shadows', not ambient).

Thank you I have been using this lighting this way for a while now and its completley better. (even named it Ziggy Lighting) when I turned the shadows up on my old computer it shut down the whole computer lol. When you are lighting a character do you use point lighting or the spot lights. What about the dark lights?
2016/9/21 18:37:15
A little tip Video I did for playing in Muvizu PatMarrNC wrote:
Thanks for sharing your tips, Speedking!... I'm not sure I understood all of what you were saying... but I especially like the idea of projecting a camera's view onto the face mask (at least I think that's what you were advocating...if not, then my mistake. But I'll be experimenting with that one...)

Thanks yes that is what I was advocating. Also projecting the character camera view or multiple objects on to a backdrop for movement
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2016/9/21 18:33:44
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries Wow those were all really good I'm definitely going to do one! Ziggy that opening scene with the house looked amazing was that all lighting with muvizu or was it those luts effects that you say you add?
2016/9/21 18:31:22
2 SHORT VIDEOS IN ONE Tony I've really enjoyed every video you have uploaded so far very funny and inspiring. Keep up the great work man
2016/9/14 13:49:28
A little tip Video I did for playing in Muvizu Ugh sorry about the editing I had to used the youtube editor for the text and for the cutting because My editor is on my old computer .

2016/9/14 11:06:29
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 Made this mini Tv show for a Mom comedian friend a few weeks ago. Sorry would have liked to come up with something better but I am working 6 days a week bartending at the moment. Great videos guys Thanks for making this contest Pat !

2016/8/27 0:51:25
Surprise in the park ikes wrote:
I couldn't let go of the idea.

You're probably in for a surprise too...

I will later reveal how it's done.


2016/8/26 16:28:07
Finally got my first Muvizu video done mindiflyth wrote:
I like that upside-down hair! It's a cool, kind of Bride of Frankenstein look. (If anybody wanted to make a Universal horror-style monster movie you could have Heroine as the Bride, Beefy as Frankenstein's monster and a good Dracula in Sinister.)

Definitly would work for all of those guys!!!
2016/8/26 16:23:35
Finally got my first Muvizu video done tonyob67 wrote:
Speedking5 wrote:
Still figuring out the Program and stuff .The next video I want to to use voices and sound effects.

Hello, Nice effects!!!
I just subscribe to your YouTube channel , you have some crazy but good videos hahaha, I 'm at work and put your video Ghetto Storm x-men and guess what happened hahaha

Best regards

hahahahaha Omg im sorry about that . Thats when I was testing out crazy talk ages ago !
2016/8/25 20:41:37
reason for buying other peoples' assets I had a few characters that I want to upload for free to the Muvizu store . How would I go about doing that do I need to Email Muvizu and get permission ?
2016/8/2 4:17:27
Chicken test from Sinister super cool dude !!!
2016/7/26 13:50:49
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) ikes wrote:
My entry did not happen to me or anyone I know, just made it up. It had to escalate quite quickly to fit the 20 seconds.
Enjoy and good luck to the other contestants!

Haha that's awesome good job!
2016/7/26 13:44:39
My 2 new videos, I hope you like them Haha just watched the first one with the guy and the girl love the guys reactions and the Nintendo ds!
2016/7/12 1:50:16
Finally got my first Muvizu video done clayster2012 wrote:
wow.. that was great, I loved the effects, I never heard of wondershare movie maker, guess I'll have to check that one out, anyways I liked the way you mixed things around, and I liked that song, keep up the good work man, I hope to see more from you!

Thanks Clayster. Its a very bares bones editor cant even do Image sequence from what Ive seen but it works well for me .Im running everything off a dell laptop so I cant get too crazy
2016/7/12 1:45:28
Finally got my first Muvizu video done ziggy72 wrote:
That's some powerful hairspray she's got there! Welcome aboard Speedking5

haha! the worst part was trying to get her to come in on time every day on the set .She was a real diva and very demanding and thats just putting it mildly
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2016/7/12 1:44:17
Finally got my first Muvizu video done Rocque wrote:
That was totally amazing. I think the Guess Who would like to see that if any of them are still around. I searched to find my answer online and it seems 2 of the original members still tour and play. The bass player is 70 years old and from the review I read, he is excellent.

Thanks for all the effort you put into your video. It just shows more of what Muvizu can do, and adds to the variety. For your first one it is definitely a feast for the visual experience.

Thanks Rocque I love the Guess who My dad used to play them all the time growing up !
2016/7/4 20:00:57
Finally got my first Muvizu video done PatMarrNC wrote:
wow, LOTS of interesting techniques and effects in that! You may be a newbie to Muvizu, but you are clearly NOT new to whatever software you used for effects (speaking of that.. what DID you use? Hit Film?)

I'm impressed.

Thanks Pat.I downloaded an program called wondershare movie maker.(I'm still learning how to use it too its like WIn movie maker so it's easy for me to understand)Besides chroma key and a few effects mostly everything else was done in muvizu by changing the particle textures and messing with the lighting.
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edited by Speedking5 on 04/07/2016
2016/7/4 13:41:43
Finally got my first Muvizu video done Still figuring out the Program and stuff .The next video I want to to use voices and sound effects.

2016/6/16 2:49:32
Coming Soon 2016 Im very Add so I have 20 little projects right now. Really enjoy using this program when I have time off.Still most of the time is just testing stuff out.

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