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2016/6/16 2:49:32
Coming Soon 2016 Im very Add so I have 20 little projects right now. Really enjoy using this program when I have time off.Still most of the time is just testing stuff out.

2016/6/15 7:06:45
Coming Soon 2016 ziggy72 wrote:
Pull up a chair...

Looks awesome man ! Ive never seen detail like that on Muvizu
2016/6/6 10:59:27
Ride a motobike I tried for over an hour the other night trying to put a character on a motorcycle. after that I'm like wow this is really not that important ill just have them posting next to it looking cool and just move on with my life.
2016/6/3 13:05:34
CHinese History pack issue I found them thank you guys !
2016/6/2 21:23:20
CHinese History pack issue I downloaded it and I really love the enviorment things but I dont see any character or weapon assets that were in the image is there another download I need to use for that??
2016/6/1 19:34:03
rotating a backdrop IMage with Keyframing. Didnt know if this was posted already. Keyframe the angle property and You set the first keyframe to zero and then you set the next keyframe to 100 percent and that will rotate your image 360

2016/5/21 11:34:19
an old RobotMan commercial I forgot abot....Lol! super cute
2016/5/15 13:13:25
2 middle buttons for moving sideways and verticall awesome thanks man !!!
2016/5/11 1:40:20
2 middle buttons for moving sideways and verticall I am using a laptop is there a work around so that I can use the 2 button mouse press with my touch pad?
2013/7/19 9:27:27
How do I lift an object without a mouse? thanks man I just went out and got one for ten bucks.
2013/7/18 20:08:03
How do I lift an object without a mouse? I have to do everything on my laptop
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