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2013/6/23 8:56:56
Modifying characters Hi guys,

First of all... WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been messaging around with Blender 3D Max for quite sometime, love them both, however, it's taking ages to master... which is understandable as neither are the kind of software you can really pick up in a day.

I've just stumbled upon this software and I have to say, it's very exciting, simply because of its speedy ability to create something... so amazing credit to the software developers and I can't wait to see what I can do with this, also, I love the payment scheme, fantastic and original idea.

My first question for the forum is this... I know character development is slightly limited at the moment (as in you can't bring in your own models - however, I would love to be wrong with this), I'm just wondering how far someone has managed to modify the characters. There maybe a section on the forums where people can display their characters (so sorry if this post is in the wrong place), however I'm very curious to see what type of characters have been created via modifying the built in characters

Cheers all and thanks for your insight.

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