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2013/7/23 22:19:12
lip synch off after rendering thank you all.

the audio strategy worked fine. made the mistake of trying to save it before splitting the tracks (it automatically combines tracks on the save) so had to do it a second time. but after that, worked perfectly even after the render.

loaded dvix and it automatically installed into muvizu. how cool is that? after playing with various screen sizes/compressions, i was able to get something working at a reasonable file size - between 2.5 and 5 megs.

i have temporarily posted onto a blog page until i figure out my bigger strategy. will use the watermark removal if ever go commercial. if anyone wants to take a look and critique it, i would be happy to hear your comments. if you think it would be of interest, i will put it up on your site.


2013/7/10 0:10:51
lip synch off after rendering thanks to both of you for responding so quickly. saved me hours of probably unproductive retooling. i love the product and can't wait for the next version.

i learned a few things on this project so far:

1) with that many talk/shush alternations, setting cues on the time line and then synching to the them while editing turned out to be very helpful.

2) this time, i started out by making many (like 57) wav files for each alternating voice that had to be pieced together. (there was another tts program that offered "round robin" but the voice quality was not as good as ivona.) i think a better strategy would have been to have ivona read my script document first in "voice one" and then in "voice two." this would have output 2 medium sized wav files. then, the two files could have been read into audacity as separate tracks in the same file. audacity makes it very easy to piece chunks together using cut and paste. there seemed to be enough space at the end of paragraphs to make the distinctions clear. the zoom feature is helpful for this.

things i still need to know:

1) is there an optimal screen resolution/compression scheme?

2) even a small screen resolution avi was 1.3 gigs. will that be a problem for uploading to a personal web site, your web site, or youtube?

3) does the pay version improve quality or just remove the watermark? I would be happy to pay even with the watermark - you guys deserve free advertising!!!

2013/7/9 3:31:52
lip synch off after rendering just finished my first project. a 7 minute, two person dialogue. created tts .wav files for each text component using ivona and then pieced it together into one .wav file using audacity. set alternating speak/hushes and it seemed to work right when i ran it by timeline, but after i rendered it, the lip synchs didn't switch properly, getting increasingly off after the first minute. any ideas?

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