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2013/9/18 21:19:02
looking for freelance muvizu talent You can go here:

to see the music video I made.

Others are in the works.

2013/9/18 15:54:19
looking for freelance muvizu talent If you are still looking I would be interested in helping.
I have recently created my first music video but have been working on others.
I was interested in using Muvizu for education also.

2013/8/9 17:28:49
My first muvizu video, music video I just finished my first video. It was not to hard and i learned a trick or two along the way.
Thanks to Muvizu for some support also.

I could not figure out how to get the guy to lie flat on the bed however.


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I'll be moving onto some more none music videos next.
2013/8/7 20:59:52
New user issues I have started using Muvizu and have run into a few issues I dont seem to find answers for on the forum.
Maybe they could be enhancements, maybe I just dont know how to do them.

1: How can you turn on and off an effect without making separate videos? For example I want to use the Flies effect but want to turn it on and off at various times.
2: Can you turn off a characters property? Example I am using the Stars property but I want to be able to turn it on and off as needed.
3: Can I change the properties of the character at any time. In this case I want to change the characters clothes and/or body while the movie is playing.
4: Can I turn a character and/or object on or off as needed. In some cases I want to show a character or object for a while then remove them and then bring them back.

In searching the forum the answers I seem to find to do this is to make separate videos and join them as needed. Im hoping that I am missing something of that these features can be added.

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