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2013/8/5 6:16:46
Can't find muvizu.dll You are way over my head...btw, I am using win 7 home edition

EagleII wrote:
arobin wrote:
I tried this as well, still nothing happening any differently. Same error message.

Coming from the old school of DOS ( WE saw the IBM/MS DOS Wars ) I have one more thing to try ( and suggest ) before I throw my hands up.. I can fire muvizu via a batch file with an environment variable preceding the *.exe call that puts muvizu.dll in the environment path... or just add c:\windows\SysWOW64\Muvizu.dll ( if it's in there and 64bit ) to the environment variables. Else 32bit c:\windows\system32\muvizu.dll or point to the muvizu install dir. 32 or 64 bit ( if it resides there )

I won't get into batch files and commands... they used to be my toys before windows ( I have Windows 1st version on 5." floppy's )
Lets go into the path statement below.

To setup PATH in Windows 8:
Run Control Panel in Windows 8's Metro UI
Click More Settings in Control... on the left.
Search "Environment Variables" in Control Panel, and click "Edit the system environment variables"
Click on "Environment Variables..."
Scroll down and highlight the "edit path" items.

add "C:\Program Files\Muvizu ( if 64 bit )

add "C:\Program Files (x86)\Muvizu ( if 32 bit )

Click OK and finish... reboot.

If that doesn't work and the DLL is in that folder after \Muvizu (add) \muvizu.dll

ie: C:\32 or 64 path above\Muvizu\muvizu.dll

I haven't had time to try yet... other than.... over 65 years old and just having a blast on The Web..

ps: Confused: Google "Environment Variables" in your version of Windows ( or other )
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2013/8/4 21:51:11
Can't find muvizu.dll I tried this as well, still nothing happening any differently. Same error message.
2013/8/2 6:57:10
Can't find muvizu.dll Yeah, I uninstalled yet a 3rd time with Revo Uninstaller and then tried again, right clicking and installing as administrator and same story...sad.
2013/8/2 4:41:11
Can't find muvizu.dll I am having the same problem opening Muvizu, I have tried installing 2x with same result after having uninstalled the first. An error has occurred: Unable to load DLL'Muvizu.dll': The Specified module cound not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E) I have Win 7 home edition I cannot follow all that was said to Dwarf. Please help.
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