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2013/9/8 14:56:49
"Baju Kurung" - Google it. It's a Malay sort-of outfit, with the "tudung" (Google it) and the "Baju kurung". I have to ask, is this attire design-able on Muvizu? Yeah, including the "tudung" that Malay girls + women wear on their heads.
2013/9/8 14:37:48
System Requirements So, no internet needed during installation?
2013/9/8 13:54:55
System Requirements Another question: If I chose to download Muvizu in FULL PACK (500MB), is internet connection still required for installation?
2013/9/8 13:49:00
System Requirements Is ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 compatible for Muvizu?

Extra question: Is there any function in Muvizu that requires internet connection?
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