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2013/9/24 13:35:08
Students use Thank you, I'll try to do that, but I don't know if I can...
2013/9/23 22:41:23
Students use Just one more question, if I can't fix that, can I publish it anyway?
2013/9/23 22:20:46
Students use Thank you very much!

but now I have another question, I rewatched the vídeo and some parts of the scenes does'nt have the watermark, could it be some error from the software? if not, how can I fix that?
2013/9/23 20:16:53
Students use I don't want to remove the watermark, I just want to put my University's logo on the credits and thats it, I just want to know if by doing it I'll infringe the conditions
2013/9/23 19:41:59
Students use I made a video and I want to put my university's logo on it, but nothing comercial e without taking off the watermark, and then publish it on youtube, can I do that?
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