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2013/10/3 5:46:57
IN CHINA CAN'T VIEW THE TRAINING VIDEOS Thank you so much, Jim. I have now managed to watch four excellent training videos, and so lovely to hear the Scottish accent, by the way (my father was a Glaswegian).

Just in case others are in the same situation, I couldn't even get in through the proxy using Firefox, but had to resort to IE, which I loathe and detest. I also had to download Muvizu through IE and my proxy server. I've realised my students will not be able to use the videos or download the software because of China's blocking of access (as I indicate above).

This is really sad as I was so hoping to introduce Muvizu as a teaching tool and to get students to use it as part of their learning process. There are tremendous potentials for use with all teaching and I was planning on integrating Muvizu in my literature and analysis courses, as well as in my drama class. I was shown Muvizu by the organiser at a conference in HongKong at the end of September and rushed straight back to the PRC to download it.

Please let me know if there are any other avenues through which I might utilise your program. And thank you for generously allowing individuals and educators to use your work for free.
2013/10/2 11:18:07
IN CHINA CAN'T VIEW THE TRAINING VIDEOS Hi there, I've managed to download Muvizu by going through a proxy but, still in the proxy, I'm not able to view the training videos or, in fact, do anything. As soon as I click on anything it shows going through 'twitter' at the bottom of the page and at the top the action circle soon stops and I have a big gap where the video should be. China blocks twitter and all such social chatter as well as anything which says 'blog' in the title. Despite going through my proxy server, I still can't access your training videos and, without those, I can do nothing with the software.

Please help! I'm a university professor desperate to find innovative ways to teach and excite Chinese students.

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