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2013/10/25 22:32:35
terminator 2,5 Thank you! I will now test! Sorry that is distracted!
2013/10/25 22:27:25
terminator 2,5 I import is not in the "menu, create objects," and in "menu to create, import"?
Is that right?
Since I did not have the facilities to import button?
2013/10/25 22:15:57
terminator 2,5 Okay, thank you! then 1) the model just need to give color?
2) texture to put the Muvizu, right?
2013/10/25 22:05:39
terminator 2,5 Please! Make a video how to properly import?
2013/10/25 22:01:25
terminator 2,5
2013/10/25 21:43:21
terminator 2,5 In any case, do not explain!
Is there a video tutorial with the trial version?
Or I can give in a personal Skype?
2013/10/25 21:37:28
terminator 2,5 Strange? Trying to do, but did not work? 1) Download the plug-in for sketchapa, installed! 2) Retain in the format of proposals and does not open? 3) all the way was English?
2013/10/25 21:28:36
terminator 2,5 I write through a translator, sorry for the mistakes!

Muvizu program set for my daughter. I have been working in other professional programs!
1) Why can not import a model from the program in the program sketchap Muvizu? This is not possible in the licensed version?

Muvizu free - there's a reason?
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2013/10/25 20:52:58
terminator 2,5 Yes, I have long been engaged 2d animation in programs such as anime studio pro, Toon Boom and so on! Similarly, in the 3d programs: Poser, sketchup, vue and so on!
And with the program Muvizu had to try out - for a daughter, and she thought the show would play, but unfortunately it only puts the characters!
So I do not see why not load a model from sketchup?
Cause: The program is not bought?

Thanks for the comments!
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2013/10/25 20:30:49
terminator 2,5 My first cartoon in this program, made in one night!

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