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2017/12/26 15:19:46
is it finally back.... Weird -- the Muvizu website recognizes my login info, but the app does not. I hope whoever is trying to revive this great animation app can get all the kinks out.
2017/12/26 15:19:35
is it finally back.... Weird -- the Muvizu website recognizes my login info, but the app does not. I hope whoever is trying to revive this great animation app can get all the kinks out.
2014/1/18 18:40:31
Next update to Muvizu? I believe I am not alone in wanting to ask this question: When do you anticipate the next update to Play+? There have been some good suggestions here, and I hope many of them will emerge in the next iteration of the software.

2013/12/13 9:38:39
Odd cause for breakdown of tunnel borer in Seattle "Bertha", a 5-story tall, $80 million tunnel boring machine, was stopped in its tracks on December 6, 2013 while grinding away in the construction of an underground highway; it came to a sudden halt after hitting some unknown obstacle. NOW we have the explanation here of what REALLY happened:

Enjoy! Edits were done in Camtasia, and the great sound clips are free and in the public domain from, a wonderful resource.
2013/12/4 21:22:41
Request: option for camera to adopt scene view I would love to be able to click on an option to have the active camera move to current scene view. It is really hard to get those twitchy cameras to move easily to where I want them, whereas scene navigation is less problematic if far less than perfect.

Update: I wrote the above before watching Tutorial 17 regarding camera movement, and now I realize how much easier it is to move the camera around if one uses the techniques described there rather than trying (foolishly I know realize) to manipulate the cameras directly.

My bad!
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2013/11/27 21:06:35
FBX UDK editor stuff. gimmick wrote:
Unfortunately, only the Pipeline version makes exports in FBX

I have the trial version of this software, and it seems to be a hit and miss operation as far as exporting FBX files usable in Muvizu. This whole subject matter
is rather confusing to me. Does Muvizu take in only binary FBX Files, or can it do ASCII as well? Are there file size limitations? Do the default
settings in the Pipeline version need to be tweaked for Muvizu? Right now this whole FPX import feature seems awfully buggy to me.
2013/11/26 20:03:07
Navigation problems Well, color my face red. I started this thread, and now I have to eat some crow. It turns out the reason I was having the navigation problems had to do with installing muvizu on a virtual machine hosted on a Mac, using VMWare. I read somewhere that Bootcamp, available as part of the Mac OS, can work better for Windows apps, and that certainly is the case for me. Now Muvizu is stable, reliable and navigates smoothly and perfectly. So my apologies to the makers of the software and to the Muvizu community. This thing rocks!! I am going to be upgrading to the full package and am really excited about the animations this great tool will generate.

2013/10/30 19:11:04
Navigation problems primaveranz wrote:
I must admit I find it very hard as well. But have you tried using the keyboard instead of the mouse?

Yes, the keys provide a marginal improvement, but moving around the scene still goes way too fast for me. Ideally, there should be included in preferences a way to adjust the speed of navigation within the scene. I am hopeful a future update will include this feature.
2013/10/30 7:10:16
Navigation problems I am new to muvizu and am impressed, but I find navigating in the scene space and moving cameras to be frustratingly difficult, I cannot get slow, smooth movements. I have practiced a lot and cannot get the ease of moving around as I can in other 3D apps. Is there a way to slow things down? I tried changing the responsiveness of my mouse, but that didn't accomplish anything.
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