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2013/10/31 15:29:35
Explaining Virtualization using Muvizu I will do!!

Have a most amazing day!

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2013/10/31 14:50:58
Explaining Virtualization using Muvizu Hi guys!

Firstly, here is our attempt at a clip....

I would just like to thank Muvizu for enabling our MBA group to complete our assignment in a fun manner. We had to choose some Operations/IT concept and do either a Wikipedia entry, or YouTube clip on it.

So, we found Muvizu online and using it was so very simple. Tough at first, but the learning experience was gradual and fun; downloaded assets from this site as well as from Google's 3d library.

Your tutorials were very helpful and browsing the forums saved a lot of time

Our goal was to model a TV show, where the members of our group would be reporters or presenter. We tried to explain virtualization from the point of view of using a car pooling analogy, stripping out all the serious technical jargon. I am not entirely sure that we pulled it off, but at least we ended up with a awesome learning experience in 3D animation

Thank you again for the use of this super product!

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