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2014/7/14 22:26:21
Easter Egg Help Could someone give me a clue where the 4th easter egg is (Muvizu Art Gallery) Please I just would like a hint please

Thank you,
2013/12/4 23:57:51
5th Grade tv ik you did so thx but i want my class to feel like they have 1-5 mins of the day in schoool to just froget there learning @ this time thdx for your sugustin tho
2013/12/4 23:38:58
5th Grade tv urbanlamb wrote:
I'm an old fart but maybe some sort of interview show of some historical figures make a guy who does interviews and have him interview things like presidents or kings or queens or maybe famous scientists or artists

This would be edumacational too but its a lot of work you would need to research about the famous person and think up questions you would ask him if you were to meet him as a newsperson and then write answers that he would say

things that you might find cool maybe
alexander graham bell
queen elizabeth the 1st (very famous queen she was)
leonadro davinchi

that is as far as I will go with this i am old and stodgy and believe that people learn by doing the work themselves

also in future can you please just post the question once?
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dont take this the wrong way but I want this not to be educational not boring (I hope that did not offend you and if it did im sorry plz forgiveme if it did) but thx fror your help
2013/12/3 1:57:45
5th Grade tv So my teacher said i could have a "tv show" and im making it so I made the website and she said she would show it to the class but I need to have some ideas of the show Im going to have the kids comment on the videos what they want the video to be about im putting some of the kids that wanna be in the videos faces on the how but I need you guy to help me come up with 5th grade appropriate topics for my tv show

2013/11/18 23:06:17
Different People ik i cnt download the m&m i ment how do i downlaod Muvizu play+
2013/11/18 22:14:10
Different People urbanlamb wrote:
you will need to make it an attachment using muvizu play+ this can sort of be done however you can't really make an M & M that moves inside muvizu play the only characters you can work with are the ones that are inside muvizu play already. You can make an M & M static object and try to make it move using blender or sketchup or try to flatten the internal muvizu sphere and put a texture on that with M & M written but this is the only thing I can think of.

M & M you saw on digimania site is a copy right character likely made for the company and not possible inside our version of muvizu.
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how do i dowload it
2013/11/18 22:11:31
Different People what do you mean i have to pay a lot
2013/11/18 21:57:32
Different People ziggy72, someone i need to know cuz told my teacher i would have a M&M commercial by 5:00 tonight
2013/11/18 21:28:00
Different People I was wondering how to make different people, like I want to make a M&M commercial, so i need o make a circle man that has M (C its going to be C&E (The my name) but how do i make different things/people
2013/11/18 21:19:17
Custom texture P.S. Thanks for your help i'm a big fan of your work!!! (:
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2013/11/18 21:18:48
Custom texture fazz68 wrote:
you could always try and make your own, it really not that difficult.

I know Thank You tho
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2013/11/17 16:42:17
Custom texture thx buti all ready got all those
2013/11/15 0:07:47
Custom texture I was wonderng if any one would upload there Custom textures, so i could use the for a vid.


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