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2010/8/15 18:50:41
Keyboard Shortcuts Thanks for that, I hadn't realised those were available, particulary like the F12 to hide the menu before I do a screen print of the scene.
2010/8/15 13:06:14
Stadiums Also there's an example of a really good stadium set done here:

2010/8/14 22:45:32
Collection of .set files (Please use Gallery now) Added a scene with a backdrop depicting a field of poppies, some fountains. The backdrop is my own work I did several years ago, but you are welcome to use it.

2010/8/14 20:26:13
Stadiums 1) From the menu use Create then Edit Environment then set ground to green and sky to blue.
2) From the menu use Create then Objects then on the list choose Ancient Rome and select steps and scale them up quite a bit and place them in rows.

Hope that helps...

Pic shows what can be done in a few minutes...
2010/8/14 14:15:24
Collection of .set files (Please use Gallery now) Added a Colosseum.
2010/8/13 20:42:50
Free sound editors, sound-effect or music makers That's cool, and thanks for the info, something else to book mark

Perhaps with all these links to useful things, when the developers have a breather we can encourage them to install medawiki on their site from As we could create a whole host of useful links and useful written/picture instruction stuff using a wiki. It's the same wiki software used by wikipedia and I installed it on my site, it's easy.
2010/8/13 20:17:20
Collection of .set files (Please use Gallery now) Glad to help Rock Band
2010/8/13 17:29:13
Objects that ignore the physics engine and fantasy Thanks and cool, seems you guy's want the same things in it I do

I know it's hard to get all the features you want, I developed a web grid mapper for play by post games at so I know the effort trying to please everyone
2010/8/13 13:29:30
Objects that ignore the physics engine and fantasy A couple of suggestions, just suggestions, not must haves as the product is already fab. And I know you guys must be very very busy.

1) Objects that ignore the physics engine. What I mean is a setting on each object that you can click where by the object won't colide with other objects but will instead intersect with them.

2) Fantasy objects and characters such as:

There's a lot of fantasy comics currently on the web, with some good humour. With the likes of Harry Potter, Lord of the rings the mountain of other fantasy movies and books and all the RPG games, fantasy is an area as big as Sci-Fi and is a good subject for some very funny animation humour.
2010/8/13 13:09:23
Collection of .set files (Please use Gallery now) Note:

The "Sets" feature on Muvizu website has replaced this facility.

Moderators should archive this thread.
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2010/8/13 13:01:48
Muvizu fan site - Movie sets for Muvizu And the church set took me an evening, which is actually very good as it would have taken me weeks using other software 3D products.
2010/8/13 13:00:17
Muvizu fan site - Movie sets for Muvizu Thanks, glad you like it.

I was fortunate enough to get my myself a quad core PC with 4GB ram earlier this year and the sets don't seems to slow down at all. Having said that my graphics card is low end by today's standards as you can get it for around 35 pounds.
2010/8/12 18:14:34
Muvizu fan site - Movie sets for Muvizu Thanks for the nice words.

Helping people and creating stuff makes me happy so doing this is like double happiness with cream

Better get back to creating that church set...
2010/8/12 12:13:46
Royalty Free Music Thankyou KiltedNinja, I will be using it
2010/8/12 7:15:56
Muvizu fan site - Movie sets for Muvizu Also I added a paragraph to
2010/8/12 7:00:16
Muvizu fan site - Movie sets for Muvizu I'm currently working on a cool church set so that's the next i'll be adding.
2010/8/11 21:43:04
Muvizu fan site - Movie sets for Muvizu Thanks for offering yours too.

Yes, I already had web hosting for so I added this domain too which just cost a little for the domain name as i'm alrady paying for the hosting for the other site. If this site incorporates something similar as you suggest then so much the better
The more active there web sites the higher they get in google as google loves sites where the content changes and is added to.
2010/8/11 12:16:38
Hi I am new this lduncan1985 wrote:
I have just joined today as I am looking for a way to create animation.
I found blender really hard to understand so wanted to look for something a little more basic and this looks ok.
I will have a look at the tutorial videos sometime this week, Muvizu animation looks really cool.

Hi Iduncan,

I also gave blender a good go and found it to be such a learning curve and mountains of time required to produce something really good.
It seems that Muvizu is the opposite to that, it's an absolute joy to pick up and get going with.
2010/8/11 12:12:48
Scale It's well on the wish list already then, cool, good luck on the technical issues and thanks again for such a quick feedback.
2010/8/11 7:14:46
Scale it could do with the option of scaling objects by length, width or height dimensions separately rather than always applying the scaling on all 3 dimensions.
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