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2010/8/11 7:11:20
Muvizu thoughts?? I have also used other products, but Muvizu gives the ability to create quicker, much quicker and the results look very professional. The development team seem to be positive to improve it.

The lighting and effects are fabulous, probably because it uses the unreal engine.

However it could do with some simple enhancements like the option of scaling objects by length, width or height dimensions separately rather always applying the scaling on all 3 dimensions. But as the team seem receptive to enhancement suggestions then i'm sure these things will come in time.

Overall this is a really fab product and I will be using it a lot.
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2010/8/10 21:53:38
Camera Really great is what i'm thinking of what you are empowering people to do here rather easily.

My first two sessions I created these two sets, still have to create animation for them, but the set is done in no time


2010/8/10 21:42:30
Camera Being tested, that's cool , I've plenty to do till I really need that feature.

Thanks for letting me know.
2010/8/9 13:55:46
Camera Hi,

Had a quick look at the camera and saw you could create several camera's and flip between views.

Is it possible to smoothly travel a camera along a path, to for example have a bee's eye view of a bee flying through flowers...
2010/8/8 22:16:02
Character changes Thanks for your quick reply. And now that I have that help and know it's possible I'll try it out
2010/8/8 20:35:50
Character changes Hi,

I'm a newbie to this and started my scene. There are a couple of things I wondered how to do.

First question is I want the character in the scene to start lying down, can I do this and if so please how as I couldn't see how to do that.

Secound question is I want the character in the scene to have blood on his head and Shirt. Is that possible and if so please how.

Thanks for your time,
2010/8/8 20:02:12
Hello Hi there all,

I've started writing a story a couple of weeks ago, then I saw this site on BBC click and thought I would try it out and see if I can develop an animation for the story, it seems to be easy to use, although there are a number of questions I shall be asking.

Anyways hello to you all
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