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2015/3/4 23:50:47
Breathing. I had the same issue,.. characters only stopped breathing when the timeline was opened,
but in the rendered movie, they were breathing again,... adding an Idle action did the trick for me. (thanx Ziggy )

win7 64bit Qcore 3.6ghz / Dx 11 / Play+
2014/3/12 22:54:07
PROBLEMS WITH SKETCHUP EXPORT You can still download version 8 from their website
2014/1/28 2:34:11
Isn't he cute,.. No I won't,.. who knows what he'll turn into,..
2014/1/28 2:26:03
Downloaded objects won't open Thanks,.. I'll do that.
2014/1/28 2:22:52
The Great Butter War Lol,.. its weird, but in a good way.
Great terrains btw.
2014/1/28 1:57:18
Downloaded objects won't open Thanks for your reply,..
Well,.. the content from the content packs is working just fine,..
Not shure what you mean by the second part,
but if you mean the object may have gotten corrupted during download.
That's not it, cause I can open them, if I can find them.
Some of them just won't open via that browser thingy,.
(just checked,.. its not "user related" either)
2014/1/27 21:19:30
Downloaded objects won't open Hi Guys
A lot of times when I download an object via "Create> Objects> Online"
the object does download to my HD, then the "Import object" window pops up
but the "OK" button is greyed out so I can't import the object

I know, once downloaded, I can import them via "Create> Import"
but its very hard to find a specific object/map cause all the mapnames are actually numbers
(i.e. if you download the christmas tree, its in a map named: /21234 etc.)

Anyone knows a fix for that??

2014/1/27 21:01:17
Isn't he cute,.. Look what I got,...
He's actually a lot nicer then I expected,..
Comments on the forum and the note that came with it made me a bit anxious I was getting some sort of blob-gremlin crossbreed but he's nothing like that.

Still,.. I'm not gonna feed him after midnight,...just to be safe.
Thanks again Muvizu,..

2014/1/22 2:22:07
Show us your Beefy!
2014/1/20 23:35:30
Hitfilm Express currently FREE Looks like a pretty decent program,..
thanks for the tip.
2014/1/19 19:07:06
Lightweight Laptop Recommendations ? Defenitly the first,..
CPU and grafic cards are the same for both,
but the 4gb extra ram will make a huge difference.
2014/1/6 21:35:34
Christmas Competition winners announced! Awesome,.. Thanks Muvizu for the great price..
And congrats to all the other winners,..
Never thought I would be parent of a Blob,..
Just wondering,.. he's not related to that blob they dropped in the Artic back in the '50s, is he??
2014/1/1 1:43:03
happy happy..... Likewise,..

2013/12/26 11:30:27
Before and After Texture Help You're welcome,..
I also uploaded it to the gallery
so once approved, it should show up there eventually.
edited by percensus on 26/12/2013
2013/12/26 0:15:02
Before and After Texture Help I've got a more "beat up" version of my Wounded_Lee texture and I have no problem sharing that.
Thing is,.. if I upload it to the gallery now, it'll probly wont be moderated untill januari 6th
and I'm not shure what Muvizu's policy is when it comes to posting textures/ hyperlinks that contain "blood and gore" on the forum
So I'll send you the link via PM in a minute.
2013/12/13 21:49:55
Post-edit/ Import Avi problem Yes I'm pretty shure it is,.. just did some reading on their forum
and altough there's obviously no mention of this particular problem,
they do seem to have some issues with avi's.

2013/12/13 18:07:45
Post-edit/ Import Avi problem Thanks for the heads up,..

Yes I did render the entire clip,.. and the Avi itself works correct,.. (25sec)
however, as soon as I try to import the same avi in the editor, the last 3 seconds are just missing
and the avi on the editors timeline is reduced to 22 seconds

But since its not a known Muvizu issue,.. I presume its "editor related"
Either way,.. I'm enjoying Muvizu way to much, so its not going to be a show stopper.
Besides,.. there are always workarounds

So its just another thing to keep in mind,..
just a shame I didn't notice it before I entered my competition entry,..

2013/12/13 11:45:58
Post-edit/ Import Avi problem I seem to have a problem post-editing/ importing some of Muvizu's avi files.
I created a 25 second Avi in Muvizu, (but only the first 22 seconds have sound,.)
now if I try to import it into my video editing software,.. (Magix VDL)
it somehow ignores the last 3 seconds of the movie and only imports the part of the movie that has sound in it.
(I've tried other avi's and Muvizu avi's with no sound at all, but these import OK)
Is this a problem with Muvizu, or rather a prob with my video editing software.
2013/12/10 22:24:42
Custom Folder To transform my question into a request,...
It would be nice if we could have the option to set the storage location
for downloaded objects and user created sets and -favorites
to a custom folder, i.o. C:\ProgramData\Muvizu.
2013/12/10 21:56:55
Storage location Thanks Ziggy,..
I actually did install Muvizu on my D:\ drive,..
but it still stores the presets and downloaded files in C:\ProgramData\Muvizu
Bit of a bummer,.. cause my C drive is a SSD and I'ld rather not use that for datastorage.
Guess I should repost it as a request in the feedback section then,..
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